SBFL Results

2021 Results

Long Loop
PlaceNameFinish TimeFinish Time w/ Cottonwood Time DeductionCity
1Josh Tostado4:122:32Fairplay, CO
2Jason Kiefer3:40Leadville, CO
3Nate Williard3:53Santa Fe, NM
4Tom Kavanaugh4:13Ridgway, CO
5Midnight Grizzly4:20Leadville, CO
6Kevin Conerly4:29Golden, CO
7Curt Wilhelm4:47Arvada, CO
8Anuthee Korder5:14Boulder, CO
9Zach Moore6:00Salida, CO
10Dan Lionberg6:05Denver, CO
11Rafael Millan Garcia6:05Leadville, CO
12Heath Speckman6:23Leadville, CO
13Katie Scott6:25Durango, CO
14Andrew Sayers8:47Salida, CO
15Gordon MacMillan8:47Denver, CO
Base Loop
PlaceNameFinish TimeFinish Time w/ Cottonwood Time DeductionCity
1Chris Parks3:59Boulder, CO
2Devon Pia4:04Gunnison, CO
3Walter Zitz4:10Englewood, CO
4Seth Holmes4:59Longmont, CO
5Marilyn Rayner5:05Golden, CO
6Ray Calzadillas6:00Eagle, CO
7Amy Wood6:07Boulder, CO
8Mike Richardson6:25Denver, COOn a gravel bike!
9Shannon Jones7:24Buena Vista, COSingle Speed!!
10Nelson Jones7:24Buena Vista, COSingle Speed!!
11Matt Sanchez9:10Denver, CODFL + Biggest smile!
Did Not Finish
Dan HeinzeDNFTabernash, CO
Will ScheelDNFThornton, CO
Justin ErnstDNFLeadville, CO
Jason HorningDNFLeadville, CO
Greg ShepherdDNFDenver, CO
Russ PattersonDNFBoulder, CO
Tsinni RussellDNFDenver, CO
Alex ParksDNFDenver, CO
Marc BrownDNFDenver, CO

SBFL 2020 Pandemoniumdemic Results

Sorry it took a little long and it’s not pretty this year – we’ll learn how to use WordPress and knock your socks off in 2021. 🙂

39 responses to “SBFL Results

  • Dan Durland

    Hey Tom,

    Given your familiarity with the route what is your guestimation of ride time. Perhaps a middle of the road time so folks can scale up/down.



    • teamvelveeta


      I’ll do the best I can on this. In order to most accurately estimate the time needed to complete either of these courses, I am going to attempt to use science.

      On Sunday of this past weekend I rode from Salida to BV on the first half of the route. It took me about 7:45 (elapsed time, not ride time). I am slow. You, Mr Durland, are not slow.

      In order to translate this number into a not-slow-person equivalent, I have developed what I am calling The Turgeon Index. I have compared some of my split times in the Vapor Trail 125 to Matt Turgeon’s splits in the same segments. That number is 0.7357747. When my time to BV on the course is factored against The Turgeon Index, the number is 5:42.

      My intent Sunday was to complete the whole short course. But I was too shelled to do that. I ate a tastey pulled pork sandwich and too many french fries, then battled a gnarly crosswind all the way home to Salida on Hwy 285. If I had been virtuous enough to do the whole thing, I could have applied The Turgeon Index to my time and given you an accurate number. Instead, I will guess (which is a part of the scientific method known as making a hypothesis).

      The second half of the base course is I think a little easier than the first half. It has lots of climbing, but for the most part the climbs are more aerobic. But we’ll be tired. Double it? Eleven to twelve for the full short course, for a person of Turgeon-like ability? Throw another hour or 90 minutes at it for the long course? I fully expect the fastest times to be maybe a little quicker than that, given a margin of error on The Turgeon Index, and the fact that every once in a long while, somebody comes to one of these things ready to ride even faster than Matt Turgeon.

      I’m going to decide about whether my own choice will be long course or short course when I get to that fork in the road (that road being the Lenhardy Cutoff). I’m giving myself 16-18 hours to finish. Yes, I am bringing a light.

  • teamvelveeta


    I’ll see what I can do here.

    During the first half, the Colorado Trail part of the course, it’s easy. There are a couple major streams (Browns Creek, Chalk Creek, and Cottonwood Creek) and quite a number of very small flowing creeks typically with crystal clear water.

    Then of course there is BV. In Buena Vista there are convenience stores, restaurants, and I believe there is a drinking fountain in the park northwest of the intersection of Main Street and Highway 24. My personal strategy will be to leave BV with all the water I expect to need to get back to Salida.

    After crossing the Arkansas out of Buena Vista, there is no surface water on the base route until you cross Highway 24 and start riding up CR 307 and then CR187. You’ll follow along a creek with beaver ponds appearing periodically. It’s relatively slow-moving water and not the cold, crystal clear water that you see in the alpine mountains. But it’s water.

    When the route follows the fork onto CR185 you will no longer see running surface water. However, if you look on a topo map you will see Bassam Spring next to the route in the middle of Bassam Park. There is a stock tank there. I have never stopped to check the condition of the water in that tank, but I presume it is not terribly stagnant, probably a decent chance to filter some OK water.

    For the long route, there is some running surface water in Chubb Park up at the very furthest north part of the course. It’s in the middle of some cattle grazing terrain and as I recall there were cow tracks down to the banks. In other words, not pristine.

    After that I do not recall seeing any surface water at all on the long route. However, after arriving passing through the road intersection at Black Dumps and heading south you’ll pass a side road signed Bassam Guard Station. Back when I rode the original Harvest Moon Ride on which this course is based, we stopped in at the guard station and filled up on water from a hand pump. It was wonderful water, but I can’t promise you that it’s legal to go in there. You’ll have to climb a locked gate if I’m not mistaken.

    After passing through Futurity and joining the base route, it would not be far to backtrack to the Bassam Spring stock tank, maybe a quarter mile. After that it’s dry all the way up and over Aspen Ridge. The course goes past a quarry full of water about 10 miles from the end of both courses, near the turn to Turret.

    That’s it. My recommendation is to leave BV with as much water as you can carry. Go easy on the french fries. That’s been my downfall. Nice salty french fries taste really good, but they take lots of moisture to digest.


    bassam guard station water-if someone is renting the cabin and it is late/after dark they might be very suprised-so, make lots of polite noise or hello’s approaching the pump up the driveway past the cabins and outhouse-FYI

  • teamvelveeta

    I have put together a page about options for camping very close to Salida:

  • Doug Byerly

    Does anyone have the final stats for distance and elevation gain on the long loop for those of us old school, low tech geeks ? Thanks, doug byerly

  • Jesse Jakomait

    Anyone know if there are relaiable water sources in the 2nd half of the long loop?

  • Jesse Jakomait

    Thanks Matt! I hit the 7-Eleven last year a block south down main street. That fountain will be better!

  • teamvelveeta

    Here are the preliminary 2015 results (please check for accuracy, the sign-in sheet was sometimes a bit confusing!):

  • teamvelveeta

    Results are up, let me know if there are any corrections I need to make.

    Congratulations everyone for a great event this year. Very qualified and professional group this year!

  • Chad kittles

    Is the Cottonwood Canyon trails still just an option this year with the 90 minute bonus if you do it? I am doing it but just wondering. Those trails were sick but tiring after 90 something miles.

    • teamvelveeta

      Just like last year Chad. We don’t want a very tired person to feel compelled to take Cottonwood on to avoid DNF. Too easy to crash when you’re that tired. So yes, just an option.

  • Esther

    thanks to the organizers- I had a lot of fun! glad I could finish on a single trail (cottonwood). If I decide to do such a ‘thing’ again I definitely need to work on my route finding skills, got quite lost a couple of times despite my gps track 🙂

    • Andre Breton

      Amazing that despite the GPS complications you still dropped Cottonwood! Congrats for an impressive display of perseverance on a tough course and a long day on the saddle! I suspect you’ll be back next year 🙂

  • Dwayne Otto

    This message is for the guy that was with me when I bailed on the Princeton climb just before the stables.
    Hey man — I went down to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs store for water before I headed back to Salida only to discover that my rear brake was heavily dragging, I worked on it for 30 min. with no success and ended up using a knife to separate my pads for my ride back. Turns out both pistons on the left side of my caliper were froze and absolutely would not retract. Monday morning I did a 2 hour grind up Princeton ( without brake drag) and did just fine. I’ll be back next year, hopefully with some of my wife’s cookies. 🙂

    • Andre Breton

      The fellow that you were with is Eric Swab, a member of Northern Colorado Grassroots Riders (NCGR) out of Fort Collins. I let him know you posted a comment and referred to him, did you two get in touch? Let me know if not and I’ll make that happen.

  • Dwayne Otto

    Thanks Andre, No I have not. This forum was my only way to tell him what happened. He tried talking me into Buena Vista but at that time my legs felt like I had 10 hours behind me. I’m not making excuses. Tell him that at the point in time at the base of Princeton when I had to stand up to get past that first pitch at the water park, I should have figured something was mechanically wrong. Just before all of that I was honestly hoping a bad morning was going to turn into a good afternoon.

  • Fabrizio

    Thanks a lot Tom & co-organizers!
    No 100 minute deduction for cottonwood base-loopers?

    • teamvelveeta

      Oops! Yes base loopers get the 100 minutes, but I forgot! Doing this from a series of hotel rooms, so thanks for letting me know where the mistakes are! I edited the results to apply the credit to your time and Esther’s time.

  • Luis Calderon

    Thanks for hosting! See y’all next year. For the record, Kylie finished just ahead of me!

  • Britt

    Has the starting area been determined for 2018?

    • teamvelveeta

      It’s going to be the Gathering Grounds at 203 West 1st Street. Cafe Dawn moved to a new location a little east on 1st, and I was considering using them as the start/finish out of loyalty, but it’s just not as good a place for us. Gathering Grounds is the old Cafe Dawn location, and it’s just too good for the SBFL, particularly how close the free parking (west side of Safeway or east of the Convenience Store at 1st and “I” street) is. So, basically, same place as always but now it’s called Gathering Grounds.

  • Ben Parman

    From the bottom of Cottonwood, is any route back into town fair game or is there a specific way to go to get the time deduction?

    • teamvelveeta

      Yes, once you get to the bottom of Cottonwood you can do whatever you want. That includes Unkle Nazty to Prospector to Sand Dunes if you wanna. There’s more climbing on that than the true easiest way, which is to get to the intersection with Backbone and Sweet Dreams then go left and then right at the saddle on the un-named trail.

  • teamvelveeta

    Here are the 2018 results, tabulated from your messy-ass sign in sheet to the best of my ability. Check it for errors and let me know if you see one!

    • Chad Kittles

      I just looked at this two years later! I did Cottonwood which puts me in second which is what I was going into it. Curt can verify this. I am planning on doing this again Saturday after missing last year for the first time! We will miss you!


  • Chad Kittles

    Do you think the snow will be melted along the Colorado Trail enough for the SBFL this year or are you going to have to go out and shovel the trails off? I heard you guys got a lot of snow!


    • teamvelveeta

      Hey Chad, I need to get up there this week to have a look. My guess is that it is not going to be a problem, but I’ll know more when I go up there

      • teamvelveeta

        Aright, I went up there with my dog yesterday, Blanks Cabin. I hiked north to the high point a couple miles from the TH. My opinion is that if the event was tomorrow we would have trouble. And I’m quite certain that the snow I saw will be a memory by June 1.

        So keep training.

      • Chad Kittles

        Hell yes! I am on it!

      • Korder

        Rode the front half today.

        A few snow dismounts near blanks. No big deal.

        About 1 mile of real deal hike a bike snow, maybe 2 dozen dismounts about mile 37.

  • Korder

    My house is on W main in BV.

    If anyone wants to leave resupply in my back yard the day before for the race, email me for address.

    anuthee at gmail

  • Chad Kittles

    I hope that she at melts!

  • teamvelveeta

    Just got back from riding out/back on CT from the young life camp north. No snow until I was ~4 miles from the start, and close to 10K feet. Then I began to encounter drifts, many of which were get-offs but most were not a big deal. I kicked through all of them. I went about 5 miles out, and there is another mile or so that is above 9600 feet where I started seeing snow. So I don’t know how much there is that I didn’t see, but I encountered a young fellow hiking southbound and asked how much snow he’d seen before we crossed paths, and he said not much. But also I warned him about dry lightning that was just behind me that I’d been hustling to avoid. He said he didn’t think lightning was dangerous, other than the “high ridges”. So consider the source. Executive summary: your feet may get a little wet but it’s not going to cost you an hour of HAB.

  • Aaron Weinsheimer

    Rode all the CT that is on course a few days ago. All drifts are easy to get through. Didn’t even get wet feet.

  • teamvelveeta

    Results for 2019 are up:

    Riddled with mistakes for sure. Check it for time math mistakes and name mis-spellings if you were a write-in.

    It seems like somebody may have cleaned out the futurity chips. There were some there early in the day, confirmed by Anuthee Korder’s picture of one emailed to me. Several prior year riders couldn’t find them, so I believe they were gone. Perhaps somebody not associated with the SBFL saw a rider taking one and then threw out the rest. I really hope that a rider wouldn’t steal them all so that later riders couldn’t get them, that would make me sad.

    Thanks everybody. Let me know about the results mistakes.

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