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  • ianaltman

    In the spirit of ‘springing the forum to life”..here is the latest-

    -Looks like the weather is shaping up to be a fairly typical monsoonal patten and a go for CTC this year! Although a pause in the pattern is predicted for the weekend, at this point it looks like 30-40% chance of rain on ride day. So bing the armor and be prepared for bail out routes, but it could be way worse!

    – I did a bigger ride on the CT this past Sunday and the trail was the best I’ve seen it all year. The San Juans have seen some rain in the past two for sure and this moisture is settling the dust, flattening out the boot holes and fueling the cabbage and wildflowers to head heights! It was buff-tack from Molas to Hotel Draw and fast. All trees have been cleared and only a few snow patches remain on the entire 75 mile course.

    – The group start is planned for 6am, but if folks would like to start sooner, just let us know and we’ll make it work.

    – Shuttles with Hermosa Tours are available but if folks would like to coordinate carpools to Molas, please speak up here.

    – Water and potluck feed is planned for Hotel Draw, so bring your booty to Molas Pass and we’ll get to Hotel Draw along with a huge water jug.

    – Group role out is planned 6am, but please get to the top of the pass by 5:30-5:45 to sign-in to the book and get ready.

    – At this point it looks like at least 40 riders, so it should be a hoot! Given the larger group, we’ll do a semi-neutral role out from the top of the pass following a bit of HWY and then a short section of dirt road to Little Molas Lake. This should help spread us out a bit before hitting the single track by the lake.

    If you have any direct questions for me, please just send me an email at

  • ianaltman

    Yeeyeea, here comes the CTC 2014! I hope you’re all getting stoked for tomorrow.. its goona be sweet!

    Some final reminders before meet tomorrow…

    – to folks who may be camping by Little Molas Lake.. the group role out begins on the TOP OF THE PASS, ON THE PAVED PARKING LOT…NOT LITTLE MOLAS LAKE CAMP GROUD.

    -PLEASE BE THERE NO LATER THAN 5:45 so we can get our sheeot together before rolling out at hopefully 6am sharp.

    – I’d bring the rain armor and lights as it could get stormy later in the day..!? Get pumped though for some excellent trail conditions. It hasn’t rained all that much up there in the past couple days, so I imagine it will be tacky.

    -Looks like somewhere near 40 of us but it’s hard to get an official head count at this point. Some have bailed, some may join tomorrow… either way, I’ll have the book for sign-ins and we’ll do a little safety popow before we split.

    -A couple bucks for our feed drivers fuel would be much appreciated too.

    Rest well!

  • Ralph Wrons

    Ian, this is Ralph. I did not finish, so please enter that for me. I recall I scribbled in something like “1/2 way”. I baled past Hotel Draw on an unmarked trail that I was told is called “Stagecoach”. Fantastic descent through big Aspen stand, and then fording across Hermosa Creek. Lo-o-ong ride back to town via 5-mile, 1000′ climb to DMR and then back to Durango Rec Center in 90F heat after Hermosa railroad crossing. Shower at DMR helped me return to the land of the living.
    But the experience of riding 2 segments of CT from Molas Pass was awesome. Thanks a lot for the set up. Rode Coal Bank to Engineer Mtn trail for a recovery ride on Sunday. Nice easy climb to a mountainside of wildflowers, even better than what we saw on Saturday.

  • ianaltman

    Hi Ralph, Thanks for clarifying your finish route and the “Stagecoach Trail” or West Cross Creek is about the fastest and smoothest way off the CT into the Hermosa drainage!.. so good choice! Glad you could to join us this year and sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you at Carvers on Saturday night. Glad you did a more restful ride on Sunday too… sometimes I think its a shame to just hammer past all the beauty in the spirit of a faster time..but with Molas to Town, you have to move fast or you may not make it out before dark..:)
    Cheers, and hope you can join next year!

  • ianaltman

    Hey You’ll,

    Finally had a chance to post our results from this years’ CTC. Please let me know if you see errors (spelling, times and what not) and sorry for the poor formatting but WP can be a bitch sometimes.

    Otherwise I wanted to thank all of you for joining our event this year! It was hot in the end for sure, but otherwise perhaps the best conditions I’ve seen for the CTC. Please spread the word, as I know this is one of the raddest point to point endurance MTB rides around! As I told the ones I could speak with at Carvers… I hope to continue our mission to raise awareness for the benefits of active living with MS! So please continue to ride your brains out in the years to come and find a CAUSE for all this energy you can generate!

    Hope to see you next year!

  • ianaltman

    Making to call today to run the CTC this year. A few details to consider if you’re still riding with us this Saturday, 7/18/15

    -Although it’s been an extremely wet start to our alpine riding this season, this coming week looks like a fairly typical monsoonal patten, with late afternoon storms and sometimes just night time storms after dark. So bring the armor and be prepared for bail out routes but we should hopefully all be over the Indian Trail Ridge before it unleashes .
    -If you need info on bailout options, please see this link for more detailed descriptions : http://www.ctjamboree.com/bail.asp
    – The wildflowers are taller than I’ve ever seen them and ride times may even be slowed by this overgrowth. So welcome to the jungle 🙂 !
    -All but two trees have been cleared and there is still some snow and muck on Rolling Pass but completely manageable.
    – Shuttles to Molas Pass are available through Hermosa Tours but if folks would like to coordinate carpools then please speak up here on the CTC forum.
    – Water and potluck feed is planned for Hotel Draw, so bring your booty to Molas Pass and we’ll get to Hotel Draw along with water for everyone. We’ll also have a big cooler so bring beer and cokes too.
    -Please bring a few bucks for our feed drivers gas.
    – Group role out is planned 6am, but please get to the top of the pass by 5:45 to sign-in, get ready and have a brief safety talk.
    – At this point it looks like at least 50+ riders, so it should be a hoot!
    -If you have any direct questions for me, please just send me an email at

  • ianaltman

    Just posted our results from this year and please let me know if you see anything that is incorrect.

    Much thanks to everyone who came to join this year and congrats to those that finished! I’d have to say that was about the toughest I’d ever seen the course and I think our times reflect that..however we clearly had a faster group overall this year! I myself was plagued by mechanicals all day and I’m sure some that DNFed had similar issues with the wet and mucky conditions. Truly bad ass to finish given such conditions and all of should be proud of our efforts… DNF, first place or whatever.

    And my favorite part of this year’s ride was that there were three of us who have Multiple Sclerosis and all finished !!!!

  • ianaltman

    Hey y’all,
    Get g stoked for the 2016 CTC in two weeks and starting to look for help with our feed at Hotel Draw. If any of you know of friends or family that might be able to help out please let me know. THANKS!

  • Mikejenrette

    Is there a group shuttle happening?

  • ianaltman

    I’ve got room for one in my vehicle . I live on 22n and W. 2nd Ave .

  • Mikejenrette

    I was thinking of camping up top and shuttleing back after, but does the weather always say %60 chance of rain this time of year? Cancel policy says %60:-(

  • Dwayne Otto

    Hey Ian. This is Dwayne Otto. I rode with you and Dan Holmes during the 2012 DDC. I’m looking foreward to doing the CTC, Can I get a ride to Molas with ya ?

    • ianaltman

      Hey Dwayne, I just committed to hauling Michael Hurst up there. Sorry I don’t have more room in my rig..its a tight subie with a bunch of water jugs

  • Jess reed

    I might have a seat in my vehicle, waiting to hear if one Miles Venzara is in or out…will post again if I have room

  • Dwayne Otto

    No problem, If all else fails I may end up riding back to Molas on Sunday. CT is worth it. Probably take Hermosa Cr. Tr. to DMR and then up Cascade to the CT. Anybody interested ?? 🙂

  • Dwayne Otto

    Get back with me Jess if Miles is a no show

  • ianaltman

    Hey 2016 CTC riders,

    As many of you from the Four Corners Region have probably noticed..it’s been wet this week. This trend got me super worried at first, but things look to be clearing out by the weekend. In addition, I’ve talked to a few recent CTR finishers( who finished after the rain began), and it sounds like the trail is really sweet… with some mud, most of it being below Kennebec Pass.


    Some logistics and details to think about:

    ~We start from the paved parking at the top of Molas Pass; right off the highway to the East. Please be there no later then 5:50am so you can sign in. I hope to start at 6am sharp and we have a few details to go over before we head out.

    ~ If you think it will be hard for you to finish in less then 13 hours, then make sure you have a good light with you.

    ~ I will have a cooler and dry box at the start for food and other stuff. Those boxes, along with H2O will be at the mid way point( Hotel Draw) by 10:30am. Bring some Cokes, beer, maybe some whiskey and extra food to share with peeps. I’ll have a bunch of bacon for everyone.

    ~ Your finish time should to be noted ( by you) at the CT terminus in Junction Creek. The true terminus is not at the first trail sign you’ll see, but the last one..by the bathroom and first sign of payment. To sign out, you’ll need to ride to Carvers for a brew and the book will be there to sign yourself out.

    ~ For those wanting to arrange a shuttle..Hermosa Tours is always an option. Otherwise, please just coordinate with your friends or post your requests on the forum.

  • ianaltman

    So I know my message from yesterday was way positive on the weather and I’m still committed to running this thing tomorrow ( Saturday)… but thought I’d check with folks and take a straw poll to see how many of you might be able to do the ride on Sunday(8/7). This stubborn system seems like it will be way less powerful by then. I’m just concerned because the pattern has shifted and its now raining in the AM..rather than in the later PM. Sundays’ forecast looks way better in general too.

    Please chime in if you are in favor for Sunday. But for now, the plan is still for Saturday.

    Thanks, Ian

  • Jess reed

    Sunday sounds good!

  • Jim Crossland

    I might be in for Sunday? Tomorrow… Not so sure?

  • travis brown

    Sunday is OK with me, end of August is OK with me also

  • Logan Davis

    Sunday is okay with me.

  • ianaltman

    OK making the final call now. Another flash flood warning for the South SJ’s was just issued for Saturday and they call for most of that to follow the same pattern as today ..coming later tonight and into the morning hours. So bummer but it’s a NO GO ON THE RIDE TOMORROW.
    I think it’d just be wet, sketchy, a total trail trasher and just not fun..and there is no way our resupply guy could make it to Hotel Draw either. That road gets slick as snot when wet!
    From what I can tell though from posts, phone calls and texts toady there is a suitable group that can pull it off on Sunday. A crew is rolling down from Sram and some local hard men and women are down for it too. Sunday does look better. Still a chance of rain but it should at least not come till afternoon/evening. 50% is far better than 90! Our feed guy is also down for Sunday. SO WE PLAN TO DO THE RIDE ON SUNDAY 8/7, stating at the same time… 6am.
    I’ll still probably roll up to Molas tomorrow to see folks that don’t check there emails and are planning to ride tomorrow because of timing. If that’s your plan no matter what, then go for it, keep your time and tell me about it when you done. There will be no support vehicle at Hotel Draw or any vehicles for that matter.
    Sorry folks for the confusion yesterday, but this storm just blows and is not moving through like anticipated.

    • travis brown

      Hi Ian, couldn’t find the sign in sheet at Carvers but I was in at 3:10 and pretty sure Matt ahead of me said he was in at 3:07

  • Dwayne Otto

    Hey Jess, If you have room I can meet you at the Rec Center when your hesding out.

  • ianaltman

    Despite my hopes for good weather and trails conditions in August this year, it’s not at all looking good. The forecast for tomorrow, 8/12, is pushing 60-70%. In addition, the trail is already wet, and after last year’s experience of racing the course in such conditions, it’s just not worth the wear on the drivetrain and the impact on the trail. Another difficulty is getting our resupply up to Hotel Draw in such conditions! That road is all clay and slick as snot when wet.
    SO I’M PULLING THE PLUG. We will not have support set up at Hotel Draw and I will not be at Molas Pass tomorrow ( 8/12), at 6 am.
    Please let anyone you know who you may have been planning to do it this year. If you are coming from out of town and plan to do it anyway, then sweet, just report your time back to this email and I’ll post it on the COES record.
    The weather looks much better next weekend and I plan to do it if it does improve. I’d be going for it with a few friends on Saturday 8/19 without support. If you’d like to join us then let me know and I’ll try to coordinate a group starting time.
    And if not, then we’ll hope for a good roll of the dice next year…
    Cheers, Ian

  • jjakomait

    Anyone planning on driving back to Molas Pass Saturday evening?

  • ianaltman

    Hello 2018 CTC participants,

    I’m getting stoked for the 10th annual Colorado Trail Classic this coming Saturday! Seems like some fast folks are coming this year, so, with good conditions, we might see a new record set. Given that its two days away and the weather pattern is more reliable now, thought I’d post a few updates:

    -Models have reeled back a bit on timing this morning and this current monsoonal pattern looks to stick around the San Juans till mid day on Saturday. Percentages of point forecasting up on the CT are fairly low( 20-30%) and I’d bet it’ll be raining till late on Friday night, with a slight rebuild potential on Saturday morning, but then total clearing by the late afternoon.
    As I learned last year, the forecasting for our mountain weather can be completely wrong and largely depends on the pattern that has emerged that week. Given that they had it at 80% on ride day last year, I called it off. But then it turned out to be completely dry?! This years’ pattern, however, seems more stable and reliable so we may see light/scattered showers mid day with total clearing by later afternoon. As for how electric it might be… I have no idea.

    Logistics and aid stations:

    Our ride begins this Saturday, 8/18/18 at 6 am on the tippy top of Molas Pass. THIS IS THE PAVED PARKING LOT RIGHT OFF AND EAST OF HIGHWAY 550.

    Our aid station driver will be at the start to collect personal food and other items for you to have at Hotel Draw, some 38 miles from Molas. We will have a cooler and dry box for these items. As for the pot-luck, please just bring some extras… This could be bars, energy foods, coca-cola, bacon, salty stuff, beer or whatever you wanna add.

    We will provide water for all riders at Hotel, so please don’t worry about bringing extra water.

    Another friend of mine will have a water jug on Kennebec pass by 1 pm on Saturday. Although this timing may not work for the faster folks, it should fit for most of us. However, I’d bring water carrying capacity of up to 2 liters in case it gets really hot. The stretch past Hotel Draw is the driest and often the hottest.

    I’ll remind folks of this at the start, but your final timing should be marked at the absolute end of the CT in Junction Creek. There is a large CT sign 1.5 miles before that and a dirt road with a small parking lot. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE RIDE. You’re done and your finish time should be noted when you get to the final trail-sign and a larger parking with a bathroom.

    After you finish, come to Carvers Brewing Co. for a free CO Nut Brown Ale. The record book will be there to mark your finish time, as well as, some tables to hang out, chow down and chat about our epic day.

    Can’t wait to ride with you’ll and please sign up on our registration page if you haven’t yet.

  • John Todd Mallow

    Thank you so much for putting on such an incredible; incredibly beautiful and incredibly difficult event! This was my first time taking part and it will not be the last! Hopefully next year we can skip the downpour and go straight to the hero dirt and world class views and trails! Your story is inspiring and the reason behind the CTC gives it special meaning.
    Thanks again! John “Todd” Mallow

    • Ian Altman

      Thank you, John and proud work out there! Conditions this year were not for the meek of heart and I was glad that so many, not only showed but continued on in an AM rain storm. I knew it would most likely clear, but I’ve also got many years of observance in these mountains. I have to hand it to those that didn’t but still chose to go big on Saturday!
      I just posted results last night and plan to post a short story/update once I get some photos from Kyle. As I exclaimed in the” backstory on the CTC”..please do spread the word of the positive effects of exercise for helping MS! I wish I could have chatted with you afterward, but maybe next year we can plan for it. Sub 10 hours is fast and what I’ve always considered the pro-line.. Nice work! I was hoping for sub 11 this year but turned out to not be riding as fast as I thought I was, it seems. That was my 10th go on the course in one day and as fun as the first time!

  • ianaltman

    As I said on our Facebook Page, this is about the BEST MOUNTAIN WEATHER FORECAST I’ve seen since planning this event for over 190 years. SO GET PUMPED! Its gonna be good..maybe a bit hot but should be completely dry.

    – The group start is planned for 6am, but if folks would like to start sooner, just note your exact start and finish times.

    – If you have not completely read our logistics page, please do so, but most importantly, remember that we begin on the PAVED PARKING LOT ON THE VERY TOP OF MOLAS PASS.

    – Shuttles with Hermosa Tours are available for up at least three riders, but if folks would like to coordinate carpools to Molas, please speak up here.

    – Water and potluck feed is planned for Hotel Draw, so bring your booty to Molas Pass and we’ll get to Hotel Draw along with a huge water jug.

    – Group role out is planned 6am, but please get to the top of the pass by 5:45 at the latest to sign-in to the book and get ready.

    Stoked to see and ride with you all!!!

  • ianaltman


    Heyo 2020 CTC riders!
    The weather forecast this Saturday is holding strong with a slight chance (10%-20%) of afternoon showers and mostly sunny skies all morning. So let’s hope this will allow for some cooler temps by midday and just a sunshower or two when we really want it! The trail conditions are sweet too… After a fairly light monsoon in the past few weeks, the tread is currently in peak late-summer condition- with buff-tackiness, limited mud holes, and wildflowers galore! And to top it off, we’re looking to have a solid crew of riders and should have a blast on this 13th annual run on the infamous “Molas to Town” course!

    Please read the following! There are some updates pertaining to this year in particular:

    – The group start is planned for 6am, but if folks would like to start sooner, just note your exact start and finish time and let me know after the event is done.

    – If you have not completely read our logistics page, please do so, but most importantly, remember that we begin on the PAVED PARKING LOT ON THE VERY TOP OF MOLAS PASS at 6:00 am.

    – We’ll be offering two alternate starts this year for the top of the pass. This is largely due to requests from riders looking to record a “Fastest Known Time” on Strava. The original course from years past started in the same spot and hopped on the CT right where off HWY 550. As the event numbers grew in later years, we then chose to use a short stretch of gravel to spread folks out a bit and limit the overlap when we hit the trail. So this year, I’ve decided to offer both options in order to fulfill these separate concerns. Both are about the same mileage and vert and truthfully, it’ll all be in the wash by the end. But if you are using Strava and wanna set a PR on the segment named – “Molas to Durango”, then the single track right away is the route to take. For those who don’t really care, the short stretch of gravel is a great way to get folks off your tail and stretch your legs before the real suffering begins.

    – Water and potluck feed is on again and planned for Hotel Draw, so bring your booty to Molas Pass and we’ll get to Hotel Draw along with a huge water jug or two.

    -An optional get together will be offered at my house ( in the backyard;) after the ride is up. I live on W. 2nd Ave just two miles from the finish right on your way back to town.

    -My address is 2232 W. 2nd Ave. Your family and friends are welcome to join too especially if they can bring some food and beer! Please know we will be observing the appropriate COVID 19 measures at this get-together but I think we’ll be fine outback and with masks, if we need to go inside. I’ll for sure be finishing hours behind the top of the pack, but those of you finishing sooner are welcome to chill on my deck or come back after a shower.

    -The log-book to record your finish time will be there too, right on the front porch if you’d like to hit on your way back to town.

    Looking forward to this year folks.. it’ll be one to remember I’m sure!

  • Sean Flores

    what is the date for the 2021 race?

  • Jim Ishman

    Anyone have room for a vaccinated rider? Would like to leave my vehicle in town to have when I finish.

    • Nolan Van Harte

      I am in need of a ride back to the start at Molas after the race if you’d like to carpool and are able to get me back up there

  • ian altman

    It looks like we’ll have a gaggle of riders this year and at this point could have as many as 25 riders show up. I’ve decided to go for it despite a somewhat questionable forecast and if it doesn’t rain too much we could have some record-setting course conditions. If you are planning to join, PLEASE READ UP ON THE LOGISTICS OF THE EVENT ON THE MAIN CTC PAGE( copied above).
    The monsoon rains have begun returning this week to the San Juan Mountains. Current point forecasts on NOAA show a 50% chance of afternoon showers along the southern half of the course. So far, the more precise timing of this pattern isn’t completely clear but it does seem sunny in the mornings with clouds building mid-day and scattered showers by 3-4 pm. I know this sounds like a pretty generic mountain weather forecast, but I think it’s safe enough to go for it. But it is still a bit disconcerting and I would base your decision to participate on your own comfort level with mountain weather. I have completely called this thing off once before with a much higher percentage forecast and the day ended up being perfect. I do think that some clouds and a bit of rain would provide some much-needed cooling for our climb out of Junction Creek at the end of the day. I also think the scattered showers in the next few days will tighten up the tread and make for tacky trail conditions. But only the day will tell us exactly what will happen and only you can make that call for yourself to come along or not.
    Look forward to seeing you all out there!

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