May 7, 2022 -Salida, Colorado

If anyone has any questions about the ride please contact me through my email at the bottom of this page.

Please make sure to read all rules for this. This is fully unsupported and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete this. The rules are located HERE.

No more than 74 people allowed for this event!

This is intended to be NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activities that are held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.


This is a down homie kind of event.  No frills and no free socks.  Times will be kept and recorded but is this a race? That is up to you.  There are some short sections of highway on each route.  Blinky lights and other hi-vis gear recommended.


Firebox Loop–72 mile option.
If you are wanting to grind some gravel, but save a little for the
next day, check out the Firebox Loop. Starts at the same time and
finishes at the same place at the Guffey Huffer. Stay
on CR2 for almost 23 miles from the start and turn right on Firebox
Road. This turn is about 1 mile past the intersection of County Road
12 and County Road 2. Stay on Firebox Road, it will turn into County
Road 12 part way up your first climb, just stay straight. A few big
rollers on County Road 12 then a long descent with a bit of pavement
before getting to the Arkansas River and the town of Cotopaxi at about
50 miles. There is a great general store in Cotopaxi and the nice
ladies there will make you a sandwich or hamburger at the deli. Then
a few miles of Highway 50 to Coaldale. Turn left up Hayden Creek Road
and about a 1/4 mile turn right on County Road 45. Cross Highway 50
and Vallie Bridge and stay on County Road 45. There is a water
crossing with about 10 miles to go at Badger Creek. Go down the hill
to the creek, TURN LEFT AND RIDE DOWN THE CREEK for 50 feet and then
turn right up the short steep hill to regain County Road 45. Stay on
45 to Wellsville, cross the river at the bridge and you have 4 miles
of Highway 50 to the Stockyard Bridge. Turn right at the Stockyard
bridge then left before the railroad tracks and head back in to Salida
to Subculture. 72 miles with about 6100 feet of climbing. This ride
is mostly good gravel roads with some rough rocky bits in the last 15
miles. A good portion of the ride is between 9000 and 10000 feet.

Here is the Garmin Course for the 72 mile Firebox loop


Photos by Taf McMurry


If you have questions contact me –(*****

START: Meet 6:45 AM in SALIDA at SUBCULTURE CYCLERY, roll out 7:00 AM sharp! We’ll have coffee.  Restrooms are available at the Start.

PARKING: Please park in the Parking Lot on the west side of ‘G’ street, by Subculture Cyclery or in the Free Parking Lot west  of Safeway or the free lot across the F Street Bridge

FINISH:*  BACK @ SUBCULTURE CYCLERY.  Whenever you arrive back in town please SIGN OUT at the Finish.  Bike wash, showers, beer and some food provided for riders after the ride, everyone is welcome.

LODGING: There are a number of hotels in the area. Local favorites are The Simple Lodge and Hostel , and The Woodland both just blocks from the start.

Course Description for the Guffey Huffer

GPS use is highly recommended.

– Start at SUBCULTURE CYCLERY, Neutral Rollout across the bridge to CR 175. Go Right on CR 175 and begin the climb. After a mile this paved road turns to gravel. Around 8 miles take the right turn, (uphill) staying on CR 175.  Around MM 12 Cross the county line and the top of the climb.  At about mile 29 you will turn left on C.R. 2A which turns into C.R. 88 and ride to Highway 9.  Turn right on Highway 9 for about 2 miles and you will see the sign to Guffey, a left hand turn.  You DO NOT need to go into the town of Guffey , Mountain Aires Market is at the corner of C.R. 102 and Highway 9, they are open 9am-4pm.  They have a great selection of organic food, bulk items and sport/ride food.  They are super nice.  If you are only getting water, please try to buy something.  Guffey is about 1 mile up C.R. 102 (paved) if you choose to go there.  Continue south for about 10 miles to Tallahassee Road/C.R. 2 (big sign) and turn right (dirt).  At about mile 60. right after a decent with a switchback, turn right at the intersection to Salida (sign “to Salida”) DONT MISS THIS TURN. At mile 77 turn left on Firebox Road and follow the Firebox Loop course back to Salida.

Here is the Garmin course for the 122 mile Guffey Huffer



Top Photo by Taf McMurry

Tips and recommendations for success…..

  • Gravel bikes recommended . If you show up with a road bike and 25c tires, you’re not really going to dig it to much. 
  • Prepare for a day of big miles at altitude.  Bring extra food, water and money to get you home.
  • Bring warm clothes and rain gear. Most of the ride has exposure to high winds and the spring rains common in the South Park.
  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode/turn it off. Service is spotty and your battery will drain.
  • DO NOT EXPECT any kind of bail out, sag wagon, sweep or rescue, study the map and have a bailout plan.
  • Prepare to have a good time with like minded folk with splendid views along the way.
  • Contact me with any questions  I can also send you a GPX file if needed.  For some reason I could not upload it to this site.

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