Event Lists

This page includes information for events in Colorado as well as in our sister states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

Click here for complete list for all Southwest Endurance Series Events.

All Colorado events part of this series are listed below.


3 responses to “Event Lists

  • Fred Janer

    I am interested in knowing which of these is the easiest 100 miler please?
    Done many 100km rides/races and wanting to do a 100 miler before i get too old. (just turned the big 65)That’s why I’m looking for an “easiest” 100 miler.

  • nmes

    The Durango Gravel Grinder 115/160 would be the easiest because it takes place on dirt roads and civilization is always a few minutes away. CO running legend Heath Hibbard showed up last year and dusted off his mountain bike (complete with kickstand) and did the 115 with ease. He may do the complete 160 this year.

    I would suggest giving this a try and if successful then go for the Salida or Crested Butte event.

  • John Brown

    Which of these events is okay to do on a gravel specific bike? I am hoping to find good information on gravel routes in Crested Butte, Salida, Canon City, or La Veta/Trinidad areas.

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