Leadville Big Friggin Loop 2021

-Hosted by Rafa The Hispanic Mechanic-


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No more than 74 people allowed for this event!

This is intended to be a NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activity that is held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.

Please make sure to read all rules for this.  This event is fully UNSUPPORTED and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete the established course.  The rules are located HERE.


What: Singletrack and Gravel mix, high elevation, back country self supported endurance epic within the San Isabel and White River National Forests.

Registration starts
at 5:30 AM @ Leadvelo Bicicasa 719 Harrison Ave. in downtown Leadville. Neutral roll out at 6:00 AM !!

Finish:  The Golden Burro Cafe in downtown Leadville right across the street from our morning start at Leadvelo Bicicasa.

Lastly: All riders will be required to submit proof of their ride afterwards (Strava,etc) to ensure the course was followed correctly by posting a “reply” on the main page with a link.

Navigation: The recommended way to navigate the route is using a device for following a GPS track. The course is NOT MARKED. The GPX file is HERE. Please holler with questions/feedback about the file by leaving a message (reply) below.

Course description in a nutshell: Figure 8 loop starting and finishing in downtown Leadville with around 115 miles and 14,500ft of climbing. This course goes above tree line 3 different times in the first 20 miles… and the last third leg of it incorporates the entire segment 8 of the Colorado trail from Copper to Tennessee Pass. Not recommended for riders looking to try out these type of events for the first time. There are two resupply spots along the way,first in Red Cliff and second in Copper. There are also ample opportunities for filtering water.

Relevant bits:

Resupplying: First chance to resupply is in the town of Red Cliff at the Green Bridge Provisions convenience store part of the Green Bridge Inn; open from 8am to 8 pm daily. There’s also Mango’s restaurant catty corner from the Green Bridge Inn if a real meal is what you need to keep you going.

Second resupply is at Copper/i70 at the Conoco Gas Station at the junction of i70 and Hwy91 and Camp Hale coffee shop housed in the same building. Convenience store is open 7 to 7 daily but the coffee shop closes at 3pm so most likely only the lead group of riders may make it in. Riders may resupply anywhere in Copper Mountain they please so long as everyone starts on the CT segment 8 from the beginning on Highway 91.

Water filtering: The course goes by water sources several times throughout the day often enough that hydration should not be an issue. IMPORTANT: Avoid filtering in the immediate Leadville vicinity as most water sources may be potentially laden with toxic stuffs that no commercial water filter can remove. A pretty safe bet is to take a look at a good topo map such as Latitude 40 Summit County Trails which includes most of the course and pay attention at the X’s on the map depicting mining sites. If you see lots of these black X’s, better skip that water source!

Parking/Camping: There is free parking behind the Tabor Opera House on the south end of Harrison Ave. as well as along Harrison Ave. itself. Do not park at the visitor center as they have a limit of a couple hours only. For camping close to downtown there’s plenty options on the east side of town up 5th and 7th streets with an easy 2-3 mile downhill coasting into town.

Short days and alpine endings: With the nature of this course and this late in the season it is of paramount importance to plan carefully. Lights may be needed to safely make it to the end. That said,after gauging what time you find yourself in Copper VS how you’re feeling at that point, make the decision to commit to climb that high and that remote that late in the day by jumping on the Colorado Trail. Hopefully it being mid September the chance for afternoon storms will be quite lower. If bailing out is the safer,soundest option,the lake County Link bus coming out of Frisco does stop at Copper’s East Village at 6:00pm but only has a rack for two bikes. Better have a back up plan.


2 responses to “Leadville Big Friggin Loop 2021

  • thehispanicmechanic

    Greetings LBFL riders! Given that the first re-supply in Red Cliff is 60 miles away from the start we will have a potluck style neutral aid station set up at the beginning of wurst ditch road after briefly riding the start of segment 9 of the Colorado Trail. This will be set up at mile 35 approximately. Bring your labeled drop bags and some of your favorite snacks to share. We will have big water jugs for all.
    Seems that we’ll have us a beautiful fall day complete with changing colors!! Pumped to be stoked!!

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