Durango Dirty Century (DDC)


DDC Profile

Welcome to the 2021 Edition 

Hosted by Danny Powers

(Past Results below in comments)

Photos and Blog Reports from the past:

Aaron Kimble (2011)  Jill Heuckman (2011) Jeff Kerkove in 2011  2012 Video &Report  Chad Cheeney (2011)  Sonya Looney (2011)  Matt Turgeon (2011) Tom Purvis 2012  2012 Mountain Flyer Article   Crested Butte News

Jeff Kerkove 2014 – Awesome Embedded Video


No more than 70 people allowed for this event!


This is intended to be NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activities that are held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.

Please make sure to read all rules for this.  This is fully unsupported and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete this.  The rules are located HERE.

Join us on Facebook and a sometimes used email list to follow all updates and notices!

When: 6:30 am start Saturday, July 17th.

Where: Meet in front of Durango Cyclery, 143 East 13th Street, Durango Colorado

Please do NOT park at the start location.  Ride over to the Start.

What: Singletrack, high elevation, back country self supported endurance epic.

Maps Needed:  Latitude 40 Maps

Durango Colorado Trails”, 3rd Edition

GPS Route:  None developed.  If you wish to develop one, please share it with the others.

Jeff K’s Strava Route in 2012  Matt Schiff’s GPX  Tom Purvis GPX

Finish:   Whenever you make it back in town.  Finish location at Durango Cyclery unless otherwise stated.

Post-Ride Party:  TBD, maybe….

Pot-Luck Style Support: The DDC might have very basic support at the top of Hotel Draw and maybe Kennebec Pass.   This is dependent on volunteers and what you donate to share with everyone for the aid stations. No individual bags/possessions will be shuttled to aid stations Please drop off all food & drink donations at start location the  morning of the DDC.  

We  need people to volunteer to work the aid stations.   If your spouse, family members, or friends wish to help out, please let us know.  At each aid station they can go for a hike, bike ride or just hang out while the DDC riders roll through.

So if you like potato chips, cookies, soda pop, or even your grandma’s home cooked lasagna – please donate!  Also the aid station workers like to drink beer, and sometimes lots of it, so ANY donation will be appreciated.  This keeps them very interested in supporting you.

Since 2011 Ska Brewing Company  has kindly DONATED beer for  the aid station volunteers, and we hope to gain their support again in 2021!


Description of Route:  This route will start in Durango, CO and follow paved roads out to the Hermosa Creek Trail Head.  Hermosa Creek Trail will be climbed to Bolam Pass Road and connect on the Colorado Trail at Celebration Lake.  Follow the Colorado Trail all the way back into Durango.


DDC Profile

* Average time to complete DDC – 14 hours. Only 1/2 that start will finish.
* Average time to complete B Option – 12.5 hours. 3/4 will finish.

This is NOT the ride to use for your first 100-miler. It is not for beginners or intermediate riders – experts only. The effort here will be about 2 times that to complete a Leadville 100. Indian Peaks Ridge is at high elevation and very exposed to afternoon thunder and lightning – and it is in the middle of a very remote ~25 mile stretch where you have almost no options on bailing. Many of the “trails” out of there are primitive – unless you go to the Dolores side of the mountain.

Detailed Directions:

1.  From the start location, we will ride through town * as a neutral roll out group * up to CR 203. Once on CR 203 there is no longer a neutral roll out.  Follow CR 203 all the way to CR 201.  From there follow signs to Hermosa Creek Trailhead.

2.  At the Hermosa Creek Campground, follow the Hermosa Creek (lower) Trailhead to the Hermosa Creek (Upper) Trailhead at the intersection with Hermosa Park Road/Bolam Pass Road, turning left.  Follow Bolam Pass Road up to Celebration Lake.

3.  At Celebration Lake turn onto the Colorado Trail.  Follow this trail down to the Junction Creek Trailhead.  At Junction Creek, follow the paved road back into Durango via Junction Street/W. 25th.  Turn right at W. 2nd and follow this to W. Park/Roosa.  From here back to town with post ride party announcement to be made later.

If you made it this far, you have just finished the Durango Dirty Century!

Note:  This one should be impossible to get lost on…although that means, of course, someone inevitably will.  😉  This will be an epic ride on the CT through Black Hawk and Indian Peaks.  Expect ~97-miles and over 13.5 of climbing, with 12 of those miles paved road, 4 dirt road, and the remaining singletrack trail!   Don’t miss the opportunity!

“B” Ride option:  For those wanting a lesser route, after climbing Hermosa Trail, follow Bolam Pass Road to the left hand turn at Hotel Draw – climb here to the Colorado Trail.  This will cut out ~3000-ft of climbing and ~15-miles of the Black Hawk loop.  Estimate here should be around 82-miles total.  Please note your intent to do “B” ride in the registration section.




14 responses to “Durango Dirty Century (DDC)

  • nmes

    2010 Results

    Congrats to everyone who made it out. Awesome time and one heck of an adventure. Amazing food and beer afterward at Durango Brewing Company, and Kip got the honors of free beer and a growler to go!

    Timers started at Bread and ended at Durango Brewing Company. Final miles were 97 for the Full DDC with 13,700-ft of climbing. Some mud, some rain, some snow, a few fallen trees did slow things down a bit, but it did not stop these folks from giving it a try!

    Full DDC
    Place Name Total Time Notes
    Kip Biese 11:34
    Ryan Douglas 12:24 (SS)
    Steve Reiter 12:53
    Matt Turgeon 12:53 (SS)
    Doug Byerly 14:11
    Jeff Hemperley 14:19 (SS)
    Scott Broome 14:19
    Scott Deming DNF
    Brad Hunt DNF
    Billy Schaaphok DNF
    Mike Carpenter DNF
    Aaron Countryman DNF
    Jeff Vierling DNF
    Jay Lewindowski DNF
    Anthony Maguire DNS
    Brian Blair DNS
    Stephanie Grant DNS
    Adam Fleener DNS
    Greg Backman DNS
    Thomas Ray DNS
    Jordan Carr DNS
    Irfan Khan DNS
    Paul Adams DNS
    Scott DeMers DNS
    Casey Roberts DNS

    DDC – Plan B
    Place Name Total Time
    Andrew Black 11:50
    Danny Powers 12:49


  • nmes

    2011 Results:

    Congrats to everyone who showed up this year and attempted this monster! It was a bluebird sky day, with awesome temperatures and clear visibility, even with the fires down in New Mexico. We started from San Juan Cycles and rolled out to Hermosa Park and once the climb started people got down to business. Some went for a time trial, others went for a ride, and still others just tried to survive! We had excellent support at our three aid stations, and thanks to everyone who brought food and beverages to support the riders! We also received product from Hammer Nutrition, and at the last minute we got a wonderful care package from Nate Bird of Honey Stinger. Ska Beer kept the aid stations well lubricated, and it was surely enjoyed by more than a few riders at the top of Kennebec Pass!

    There will be lots of stories to share, and I know a lot of you took pictures, so please share if you will by posting links here!

    Here are the preliminary results, so please post here if corrections are needed.

    The Big ‘A’ Ride:

    Joey Ernst – 12 hours, 22 mins
    Doug Johnson – 12:22
    Ken Boyer – 13:05
    Jeff Kerkove – 13:05
    Danny Powers – 13:19
    Matt Turgeon (SS) – 13:35
    Ryan Douglas (SS) – 14:06
    Sonya Looney (W) – 14:32
    Andrew Carney (SS) – 14:32
    Jordan Carr – 14:32
    Pete Basinger – 14:53
    Rebecca Barfoot (W) – 18:05
    Jill Hueckman (W) – 18:05
    Aaron Kimble – 23:05
    Chris McGovern (SS) – DNF
    Kirby Bryant (SS) – DNF
    Tom Ober – DNF
    Rick Callies – DNF (broken derailleur)
    Phil Patrick – DNF
    Jon Csansky – DNF

    The Bad ‘B’ Ride:

    Nick Gould – 9:52
    Brendan Schafer – 10:44
    Robin Guillame (SS) – 10:49
    Bret Bernard – 11:28
    Blake Ward – 12:06
    Walker Lowe – 12:12
    Lyra Parker (W) (SS) – 12:25
    Ivan Unkovskoy (SS) – 12:25
    Lenny Goodell (SS) – 12:53
    Billy Schaaphok – 12:53
    Mike Mangan – 13:04
    Scott Cary – 13:04
    Ashley Oelschlaeger – 13:04
    Kelly Klett (SS) – 13:24
    Sarah Uhl (W) – 14:26
    Chad Cheeney – DNF (broken frame)

    The ‘C’ Challenge:

    Troy Hachmann – 9:45
    Andrew Ferguson – unk
    Vic Rudolf – DNF

    Did Not Start:

    Aaron Sublett
    Sara Delano
    Dax Massey
    Scott McCalmon
    Tyler Holland
    Jeffery Hemperley
    Joey Parent
    Doug Byerly
    TR Larsen
    Maxfield LaFortune
    Trent Cooper
    Eric Herchmer

    (W) denotes Woman rider, (SS) is for single speeder

    See you all next year!

  • SWES

    2012 Preliminary Results:

    Congrats to all of the people who came out to race the DDC in 2012! With all of June being dry as a bone, the monsoon rains decided to come on all at once and drench the La Platas. The DDC took mercy on the fast riders and the guys up front mostly escaped the rain, while the rest of the field got hammered and the big gap in the finish reflects this. Torrential rain up on Blackhawk for some, and later on for others an even harder rain up near Kennebec.

    The aid stations manned by Walker, Amanda, Sherry, Carson, Brian and a few others were awesome, and we all owe them a huge THANK YOU for braving the elements to support us.

    Here are the Preliminary Results. Please post here if there is incorrect information.

    The Big ‘A” Ride – 100-miles

    Zach Guy 10:35 (new course record)
    Matt Schiff 10:57
    Kip Biese 10:58
    Jesse Jakomait 11:05
    Dave Farmer 11:19
    Fred Hankinson 11:35
    Jeff Kerkove 11:53
    Jason Michalak 12:45
    Cat Morrison (W) 13:40
    Matt Turgeon (SS) 14:15
    Todd Kennedy 14:35
    Dwayne Otto 14:40
    Dan Holmes 14:40
    Ian Altman 14:41
    Joeseph Shults 15:22
    Chris Parks 15:37
    Becky Sears (W) 16:03
    Danny Powers DNF
    Michael Scott DNS
    Mike Robinson DNF
    Joey Ernst DNF
    Dave Timmons DNF
    Tony Wilhelms DNF
    Brian Sullivan DNF
    Charlie Domas DNS
    Jill Heuckman DNS
    Greg Lewis DNF
    Robbin Guillaume (SS) DNF
    Kevin Lutgen DNF
    Jeff Hemperley DNS
    Tim Wilcox DNF
    Alex Howard DNF
    Tom Purvis DNF
    Jens Nielsen DNF
    Aaron Kimble DNF
    Doug Byerly DNS
    Eric Schweikardt DNF
    Steve Chambers DNF
    Miles Venzara DNF
    Travis Brown DNS
    Steve Reiter (SS) DNF

    The B Ride – 80 miles

    Kirby Bryant (SS) 10:35
    Billy Schaaphok (SS) 12:16
    Walt Brown 14:10
    Brad Mattingly 14:45
    Brandy Peterson DNF
    Carly Watson DNS
    Steve Koller DNS
    James Simmons (SS) DNF
    Erik Herchmer DNF
    William Hobag DNF
    Delwyn Werito DNF

    C ride is no longer a category due to popularity of a A and B (sorry). B ride will eventually disappear once the A category reaches the full 74 signup. It’s a shame to show DNF by so many names here because there were some who went over 100 miles or came close to it. But it is motivation to come back next year and start anew.

    See you in 2013!

  • SWES

    Book of results also got pinched but we started an impromptu list. That very same leather bound book I used in NM. Cant believe someone stole it, but maybe they wanted autographs.

    Here are the 2013 results that we have: I will update as necessary but let’s not get crazy with the changes. The results are NOT in order. congrats to everyone and thanks for coming out!

    A Ride Time
    Jessee Jakomait 9:58
    Matt Schiff 10:23
    Kurt Refsnider 11:11
    John Hennings 11:16
    Danny Powers 11:49
    Aaron Kimble 16:17
    Chris Parks 12:22
    Joey Ernst 12:36
    Shawn Gregory 12:05
    Stephanie Jones (W) 18:15
    Daniel Murray 12:51
    Ryan Franz 12:51
    Caroline SoonG (W) 19:00
    Robert Powell 12:26
    Jim Crossland 13:08
    Robin Guillaume 12:52
    Tom Purvis 17:15
    Will Inverso 13:12
    Todd Kennedy 13:18
    Rebecca Barfoot (W) 16:51
    Beau Kiklis 17:35
    Katie Newberry (W) 16:09
    Sam Newberry 16:09
    Parker Quimby 17:35
    Lyra Parker (W) 13:08
    Ryan Douglas 13:21
    Jeff Hemperley 14:10
    Timothy Reinbolt 15:47
    Brian Lott 14:27
    Dan Holmes 13:51
    Dwyane Otto 15:51
    Chris Ellefson 14:09
    Ian Altman 14:01
    David Wilson 12:55
    Chris Farney 14:27
    Anthony Didi DNF
    Luis Calderon DNF
    Billy Schaaphok DNF
    Michael Ackerman DNF
    Peter Bassinger DNF
    Ryan Hentz DNF
    Chuck Ray DNF
    Garett Alexander DNF

    B Ride Time
    Matt Turgeon 10:36
    Dave Crandall 11:26
    Brian Brothers 11:43
    Brian Kalkopf 11:57
    Paul Adams 12:44
    Jim Squires 16:15
    Terry Howe 13:32
    Mike Robinson 14:31
    Zane Nelson 17:15
    Theresa Garcia (W) DNF

  • SWES

    2014 Edition – 5th Annual DDC!

    Well what a great day and big thanks to Velorution Cycles and Danny Powers for running the show and of course our awesome aid station volunteers! Bluebird Colorado skies with a few minor snow piles meant for a great day out on course. Tailwind Nutrition stocked us full again, as well as the wonderful donations by the riders. Here is the finish – not really in order – sorry but this is as much time as I wanted to spend on this. If there are any major error just post a reply here and I will correct. -Matt

    A Ride Time
    John Hennings 10:26
    Jesse Jakomait 10:41
    Ryan Douglas (SS) 11:27
    Danny Powers 11:27
    Fred Hankinson 11:32
    Miles Venzara 11:48
    Aaron Boatman 12:01
    Daniel Murry 12:10
    Greg Lewis 12:33
    Robert Powell 12:36
    Jim Crossland 13:55
    Anthony Diede 15:00
    Cat Morrison (W) 14:20
    Anna Kiep (W) 15:38
    Mike Robinson 19:11
    Chris Alstrin 11:54
    Doug Byerly 12:45
    Craig Nelson 13:18
    Joe Shults 13:22
    Kevin Conolly 15:00
    Kevin Saino 16:50
    Jeff Kerkove 12:30
    Jeff Hemperley 14:22
    Luis Calderon 15:20
    Richard Brown 17:21
    Tony Cady 14:01
    Bec Bale (W) 20:30

    B Ride
    Jens Nielsen 9:09
    Adam Gaubert 9:09
    Kylie Krauss (W, SS) 11:44
    Dave Crandall 11:59
    Zane Nelson 17:15
    Dan Holmes 13:22
    Billy Schaaphok 12:47

    Better Luck Next Year
    Michael Ackerman
    Tom Wolf
    Stephanie Jones (W)
    Leif Valin
    Liam Murphy
    Robin Guillaume
    Chris Parks
    Dwayne Otto
    Jerry Oliver
    Pete Schuster
    Martin Emmes
    Melinda Steele (W)
    Chase Wesley
    Jordan Townsend
    Marco Esquandolas

  • New year, refocused | The Endurance Experience

    […] Durango Dirty Century – Grassroots events like this are some of the most fun. while some fast folks will be out there crushing the course, there will also be plenty of folks just trying to finish. The smaller fields make these events seems more personal too. This particular course has a reputation for being both beautiful and brutal. I’m sort of excited that it scares me 🙂 […]

  • SWES

    ATTN Everyone: 2015 Course Change (due to heavy snow up high)

    A Ride: Town-Hermosa-Hotel Draw-Corral Draw-Hermosa-Elbert Cr / Big Lick – Dutch – Hermosa – Town.

    B Ride: All of the above expect the Elbert Cr / Big Lick – Dutch loop.

    Pot-Luck Aid Stations (you donate food and drinks) most likely at top of Hermosa and Hotel Draw. Possibly at the bottom of Hermosa is someone wants to volunteer for that one (afternoon/evening shift).

    This keeps with the theme of simple to follow routes. The tricky part is the A Ride with Elbert Creek (also called Big Lick) and down Dutch. Elbert Creek is poorly marked. So if you wish to avoid this just do the B Ride. If you are genius with a GPS here is a site you can download tracks for Elbert Creek to Dutch. If someone makes up a complete GPS track, please post is here for others. This is a sharing community so any help is appreciated.
    Post party at Velorution – Joey will open the doors and we will have beer than you donate and perhaps pizza if you wish to donate for the cash fund – which also covers gas and food for aid station volunteers. so if you want a lot of pizza at the finish please donate kindly!

    Elbert Creek tracks located here: http://www.mtbproject.com/trail/5945636

  • SWES

    2015 Preliminary Results – Leave a note here if you find an error.

    Thanks to all the volunteers for the 3 aid stations!

    Due to some very late season snows the regular route was snowed in and we chose a lower route covering some seldom used trails in the Hermosa watershed. The ride was a bit shorter but at 88 miles and over 10k climbing on some rough sections of trail everyone got a great challenge. Also for the first time in DDC history there were absolutely no DNFs!! Thanks for the food, water and beer donations!

    Name Time
    Sam Newbury 9:35
    Bec Bale (W – 2t) 12:26
    Laura Anderson (W – 2t) 12:26

    Thomas McKeen 9:46
    Michael Grajeda 9:50
    Billy Schaaphok 11:17
    Shawn Gregory 10:05
    Chris Alstrin (M-2) 8:28
    Ken Boyer 10:13
    Jeff Kerkove 8:42
    Dana Ernst 9:50
    Hunter Knox 13:30
    Pete Schuster (SS-2) 10:50
    Tomoichi Muto 10:36
    Rocky Gingg (SS-1) 9:34
    Rick Doornbos 11:11
    Ben Parman (M-3) 8:34
    Kevin Connolly 11:11
    Robert Blackwell 10:57
    Tim Lutz 9:16
    Dwayne Otto 11:11
    Kylie Krauss (W -1) 10:46
    Leif Valin 15:09
    Alex Schultz 9:56
    Robert Powell 9:04
    Jessee Jakomait (M-1) 7:53
    Ian Altman 10:30
    Danny Powers 8:58
    Travis Brown* 8:43
    Steve Porvaznik 11:12
    Garan Diimizio 11:30
    Colton Andersen 11:05

    B Ride
    Michael Hurst 7:24
    Ivan Unkovskoy (SS) 7:57

    Nathan Moroney 12:01
    DRE 9:31

    Leaders in bold.
    *Adjusted time due to missed section of CT, 550, and no bike path. Thanks Travis for the honest reporting.

  • Chuck

    2015 Results

    A Ride
    Jessee Jakomait (M-1) 7:53
    Chris Alstrin (M-2) 8:28
    Ben Parman (M-3) 8:34
    Jeff Kerkove 8:42
    Travis Brown* 8:43
    Danny Powers 8:58
    Robert Powell 9:04
    Tim Lutz 9:16
    Rocky Gingg (SS-1) 9:34
    Sam Newbury 9:35
    Thomas McKeen 9:46
    Michael Grajeda 9:50
    Dana Ernst 9:50
    Alex Schultz 9:56
    Shawn Gregory 10:05
    Ken Boyer 10:13
    Ian Altman 10:30
    Tomoichi Muto 10:36
    Kylie Krauss (W -1) 10:46
    Pete Schuster (SS-2) 10:50
    Robert Blackwell 10:57
    Colton Andersen 11:05
    Rick Doornbos 11:11
    Kevin Connolly 11:11
    Dwayne Otto 11:11
    Steve Porvaznik 11:12
    Billy Schaaphok 11:17
    Garan Diimizio 11:30
    Bec Bale (W – 2t) 12:26
    Laura Anderson (W – 2t) 12:26
    Hunter Knox 13:30
    Leif Valin 15:09

    B Ride
    Michael Hurst 7:24
    Ivan Unkovskoy (SS) 7:57
    DRE 9:31
    Nathan Moroney 12:01

    Leaders in bold.
    *Adjusted time due to missed section of CT, 550, and no bike path. Thanks Travis for the honest reporting.

  • SWES

    Durango Dirty Century 2016 Update:

    Danny, Kylie, Tomo (from Japan, back for the DDC second year in a row!), and myself rode up La Plata Canyon today and checked out snow conditions on ITR and Kennebec. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of snow in places, and even though it IS melting fast, it’s not melting fast enough. There was quite a bit up in the open on ITR, and looking at north-facing forests at the Cape’s altitude, we saw pretty deep coats of snow. We think it will still be too deep and pervasive to run the standard route this year.

    Sor for this year, we have a slightly different alternate route that we all agreed would improve on last year’s alternate, as follows:

    Town to Hermosa Campground
    Jones Creek
    Big Lick/Elbert Creek DOWN to Hermosa Creek
    Up West Cross Creek/Stagecoach
    South on CT
    Down Corral Draw
    Down Hermosa and back to town

    Still about 90 miles, still has some hike-a-bike, much better flow and we don’t have to climb the mind-numbing Hermosa trail again. Finally, we will start at the NEW Velorution Location and finish at Carvers.

  • Joey Ernst

    For the record, here are the DDC results for 2016. ~83 miles, ~10k’ climbing. Thanks for coming out and riding bikes with us! 🙂

    1. Joey Ernst & Danny Powers (tie) 8:59
    3. Aaron Potts 9:25
    4. Mark Johnson 9:35
    5. Miles Venzara 9:43
    6. Tom Kavanaugh 9:51
    7. Ian Altman 9:58
    8. Brendan Trimboli 10:20
    9. Heath Garvey 10:25
    10. Kylie Krauss 10:41
    11. Tomoichi Muto & Nathan Williard (tie) 10:53
    13. Brianne Marshall 11:15
    14. Jess Reed 11:25
    15. Sam Hensold 11:50
    16. Beau Kiklis, Patrick Yarbrough (tie) 12:02
    18. Jim Ishman ??
    19. Aaron Somogyi ??

    DNF Alex Schultz
    DNF Robin Guillaume (got lost but a horny toad directed him home)
    DNF Greg Lewis
    DNF Maria Santiago

    DNS Matthew Garza
    DNS Tim Lutz
    DNS Courtney Phillips
    DNS Ivan Unkovskoy
    DNS Todd Gearhart
    DNS Dusty Bender
    DNS Greg Parham

    B Loop – maybe 65 miles, ~7500′ climbing
    1. Seth Strickland 8:14
    2. Michael Carroll 8:55

  • travis brown

    This is probably as good of place as any since you all just rode the awesomeness of Big Lick. The Forrest Service just released its travel management plan for the Hermosa water shed and they have proposed designating Big Lick as a Non Mechanized (no bikes) trail. Considering that we are adjacent to the largest Wilderness in the State and bikes just lost all of east west connections between the Hermosa Creek trail to the Colorado trail between Corral Draw and Durango this proposal seems unacceptable. Please comment on the FS plan.


  • DPOW

    2017 Preliminary Results.

    This year we returned to the classic DDC course. Patchy monsoon weather caught some riders in the rain and hail. Others got lucky and dodged the storms. Trail conditions on Hermosa Creek and Kennebec Pass were wet and muddy with exciting wet roots, rocks and mud puddles. A bottomless mud puddle near Taylor Lake was said to have swallowed several unfortunate riders, but most of us snuck right past it without ever knowing the danger lurking below.

    A big thanks to our volunteers Kevin and Eric, Mike and Carver’s Brewing for the hospitality, coffee and beer, and to Ska Brewing for the aid station beverages. It’s the volunteers and community support that has always made the DDC and other grassroots bike events so special!

    Preliminary results are posted below. Contact me with any corrections. A couple folks in the DNF list may have finished, but did not sign out.

    A Loop. 97 miles with 13.7 K climbing:
    1. Andre Breton 11:43
    2. Miles Venzara 12:21
    3. Michael Remke 12:48
    4. Nate Willard 13:06
    5. Josh Kobobel 13:26
    6. Stephen Porvaznik 13:49
    7 Dan McMahon 15:30

    B Loop. 82 miles with 10.7 K climbing:
    1. Danny Powers 10:10
    2. Tie; Ian Altman, Jeff Spencer (SS), Ben Hanus (SS) 11:38
    3. Kylie Krauss 12:11 (W)
    4. Dwayne Otto 12:23
    5. Robin Guillaume 14:03 ((SS) Finished the day on an insanely broken frame?!)

    Jim Ishman?
    William Reinking
    Aaron Potts
    Greg Lewis
    Tomoichi Muto

  • DPOW

    2020 Results

    The DDC lives on! No natural disaster stands a chance against the fearsome DDC, not wildfire, ice age or global pandemic.

    This year we had a small but strong and competent group tackle the classic DDC course and they were treated with what Matt Schiff called “classic DDC weather and course conditions”. For those not fortunate enough to be familiar with classic DDC conditions, they consist of heavy rain, large hail, greasy trails, trails that look like a small creek, and of course dodging lightening and praying to your gods that you make it safely across Indian Trail Ridge.

    Results are as follows:

    A Course:

    1. Josh Tostado 11:06
    2. Anuthee Korder 12:30
    3. Davis Capaccioli 13:45
    4. Nic Armano 14:24
    5. Walter Zitz 15:47

    B Course:

    1. Matt Schiff 9:19


    Katie and Sam Newberry (tandem!!) DNF, bailed down La Plata Canyon and rode home after following B course.
    Ian Altman – bailed after Hermosa Creek?

    Thanks everyone for showing up! And big thanks for Joe at Durango Cyclery for hosting us for the start and finish.

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