Monarch Mind Bender (MMB)

Welcome to the 2017 and Second Edition

August 26, 2017 6:15am

Hosted by Jesse Jakomait.

MMB MAP text


MMB profile


This is intended to be NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activities that are held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.

Please make sure to read all rules for this.  This is fully unsupported and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete this.  The rules are located HERE.

Course Detail

Earn your turns and ride 5 amazing descents in a day on this tour of the Monarch Crest area (Fooses, Crest, Silver Creek, Starvation & Greens).  Don’t be afraid to ride your big bike with grippy tires and a dropper post to maximize the fun!

Start on Monarch Pass and ride Crest Trail to S. Fooses.  ->Descend S. Fooses and climb back up N. Fooses dirt road to reconnect with the Crest Trail.  Follow Crest Trail passing by Marshall Pass to Silver Creek.  ->Descend Silver Creek and take Rainbow Trail to Hwy 285.  Make an immediate left Climb back up Marshall Pass Rd back to the top of Marshall Pass.  ->Descend Starvation and climb back up Poncha Creek Rd back to Marshall Pass.  Climb backwards up the Crest Trail to Greens. ->Descend Greens Creek Trail and finish at the Poncha Springs Visitors Center.

86 miles, ~11k ft climbing, ~14,5k ft descending


High Valley Shuttle will set up an an earlier bird run leaving at 5:30am for those interested at their standard rate.  Please call them at 719-539-6089.  To be fair to them, please don’t wait till the last minute to reserve your seat!  Park there and get a lift to the top of the pass.  Before the ride please sign up before the start at High Valley Shuttle parking lot from 5:00 am to 5:30 am or at the start from 6:00 am till 6:15 am.  When you get done your ride (regardless of how far you got) please sign out on the registration sheet that will be left on the picnic table at the High Valley parking lot.

Looking for volunteers to help with a single potluck aid station on top of Marshall Pass that you will pass by 3 times during your tour (mile 24, 57 & 68).

Civil Twighlight 6:02am Sunrise 6:29am, Sunset 7:42pm Civil Twighlight 8:10pm

All riders should be passed the last aid station and headed backwards up the Crest Trail by 5:30pm.  Unless you are carrying lights you are encouraged to bail down Marshall Pass Road back to Poncha Springs.


Register here.

Route: click Here.

15 responses to “Monarch Mind Bender (MMB)

  • jjakomait

    UPDATE: High Valley Shuttle will set up an an earlier bird run leaving at 5:30am for those interested at their standard rate. Please call them at 719-539-6089. To be fair to them, please don’t wait till the last minute to reserve your seat!

  • abreton

    I downloaded Jessie’s MMB route as a GPX file from Strava and then uploaded that file to my Google Drive account. Anyone that doesn’t use Strava is welcome to download this GPX file, here’s the link:

    • Caiden

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  • Fred Maxwell

    we starting at the top of monarch at 6:00?

    • jjakomait

      Fred, Start is at the top of Monarch Pass at 6:15am. It should just be light enough to see without lights at that start time!

  • Nathan Williard

    So if we leave stuff for the aid station that we want back like a rain jacket, pack, etc will we be able to get it back after the race? Thanks!

    • jjakomait

      Nathan, I will be driving everything left at the feedzone back down to the Visitors Center around 6:30pm – 7pm so you could pick up anything you left at that time or arrange for someone else to grab it..

  • jjakomait

    Please plan to drop off your potluck feedzone goodies at the High Valley Shuttle parking lot at 5am or else have it at the top of Monarch Pass at 6am.

  • Fred maxwell

    Let’s have beers after at elevation!
    Regardless of how far you make it?

  • jjakomait

    High Valley Shuttle opened up their parking lot for those taking the shuttle. Simplify your morning and park there rather than the Visitors Center.

    • Jordan

      I’m thinking of driving over from Gunni. Will anyone be headed back over Monarch after the event? Would love to park my vehicle up top rather than driving all the way down to Poncha. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Dwayne Otto

    Hey Jessie, Sorry I missed the sign out sheet, I’m thinking Mike may have also missed it. We both dnf’d it.

    • jjakomait

      Dwayne! Thanks for coming out and rolling on some sweet singletrack with us! As for documenting it, the fault was mine for not having a good plan where to leave the sheet. Lesson learned for next year!

  • jjakomait

    The first ever Monarch Mind Bender is in the books! Leave a comment for any corrections or missing info including any detail of what you did ride if you had to cut your day short. Everyone deserves credit for being out there and great job everyone for taking the plunge!

    Jesse Jakomait 8h09m
    Matt Schiff 8h18m
    Rob Powell 9h29m
    Nathan Williard 9h43m
    Bastien Donze 10h00m
    Jordan Carr 10h00m
    Logan Davis 10h02m
    Ben Gannon 10h30m
    Jeff Steinhoff 10h31m
    Robin Guillaume 11h22m
    Robert Blackwell 11h33m
    Rafael Millan 11h51m
    Nelson Jones 11h51m
    Andy Wiedrich DNF
    Dwayne Otto DNF
    Andrew Grund DNF
    Josh Agenbroad DNF
    Teresa Garcia DNF
    Eric Cutlip DNF
    Jeff Spencer DNF
    Mike Jenrette DNF
    James Bove DNF
    Fred Maxwell DNF (skipped Starvation loop)
    Matt Bourget DNF
    Ignacio Barrantes DNF (cut out at the bottom of Starvation)

  • Nico

    Called the shuttle company today about reserving a couple of seats. They were not aware that they were providing an early shuttle on race morning…

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