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  • Jeff Hemperley

    Congrats to the 6 who started this ride and a super big CONGRATS to the 2 finishers.
    Time started at the Rico Fire House and ended at the Enterprise Bar. The weather was superb and the trail conditions just the same. Doug and Danny enjoyed some well deserved grub and beer at the Enterprise after completing this monster of a ride.

    Doug Byerly-11 hours 51 minutes
    Danny Powers-13 hours 6 minutes

    Steve Reiter-DNF bailed via 145
    Matt Turgeon-DNF bailed via 145
    Robin Guillaume-DNF bailed at Lizard Head Pass
    Jeff Hemperley-DNF broke Pedal and bailed down Barlow Creek RD.
    Rob Thomas-DNF bailed in Telluride.

    If anybody has any mileage/elevation please post.

    DNS-David Bach
    DNS-Thomas Ray

  • jeff hemperley

    Bring the rain jackets and wool socks. It’s going to be wet, slick and muddy at times. It has been raining for the past two days with a 40% chance on Saturday.

  • jeff "Freako" hemperley

    Rico/Telluride Results 2011

    Thank you to all that showed up to ride this stellar epic high country route. Thank you for the donations of food for the resupply which I think worked out great for the route this year. 11 riders started at 6.36 am in Rico. 4 riders on gears and 7 single speeders. Wow!! Go single speeders. Thank you Laura for driving the resupply vehicle to Lizard Head and settign up the aid station.

    The results: (let me know if there are any errors)

    Full Route finishers.

    Danny Powers-(SS) 12 hours 12 minutes 93.5 miles and over 10k climbing
    Ryan Douglas-(SS) 12 hours 12 minutes
    Robin Guillaume-(SS) 12 hours 12 minutes

    Nick Gould-12 hours 24 minutes (took East Fall Trail to Calico for some extra bonus miles/climbing) The route description stated East but correctly numbered 640. Sorry about the confusion.
    Miles Venzara-12 hours 24 minutes. Rode same as Nick.

    Partial Route Finishers

    TR Larson-(SS) DNF rode back to Rico after completing the route back to the resupply. 86 miles 10k of climbing
    Brian Brothers-(SS) DNF rode back to Rico after completing route to resupply 86 miles 10k climbing
    Jeff Hemperley-(SS) DNF 75 miles 10k climbing. Completed route back to resupply. Cleaned up and drove Jeep back to Rico. Somebody had to do it. LOL!!

    Stash-(Geared Pugsley)-DNF Rode route to Telluride.
    Matt Turgeon-(SS) DNF Got sick and bailed back to Rico after completing the East Fork segment.
    Gary Baker-DNF Rode route to Eastfork and back to Rico

    Next year we will change up the course. Start and finish in Rico with less aspahlt road travel if any at all. Cya!


    Walker, lots of primitive camping south and north of town on Nat Forest land and there is a developed campground 7 miles north of Rico; Cayton Campground.

  • Matt

    No need for anyone to donate food. We have a ton of stuff leftover from the DDC still unopened and packaged that can gladly be located to the Rico 100. Cookies, pop tarts, chips, granola bars, fig newtons, candy bars, M&Ms, etc. There are also a bunch of Tailwind Nutrition trial pouches (2 bottles worth per pack) in the box for those that want to drink their calories. There are also some 1gallon water jugs.

    I’m on the fence for the Rico 100 – got a bad head cold after DDC and am just starting to recover, so i pulled my name from the registration last week. Can someone volunteer to bring the food from Durango to Rico to make sure that Jeff gets it?



  • Doug Byerly

    Things are in great shape right now but anything could happen in the next 48 hours…turbo monsoon or a window of oppurtunity…it’s anyone’s guess. I don’t think it’s going to be raining first thing in the morning, though. Best case scenario is a blast on the course somewhere and then it blows out…might be wishful thinking. Hopefully it pukes itself out on friday and then we have a good window into saturday afternoon…I guess that’s my fearless forecast.

  • jeffhemperley

    Here is a link of riding stats as recorded by Shawn’s Garmin. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/201879477

  • jeff hemperley

    I was thinking of adding an official finish for the first half of the ride ending at the Bear Creek TH. It is about 47 miles to that halfway point but you would have to ride the highway back to RIco or obtain a ride in a vehicle back. If there is enough interest I may consider a shorter official ride distance (Rico 50). And we could find some volunteers to shuttle people back to Rico. Let me know.

  • jeffhemperley

    2013 Results.
    Another epic day in the San Juan’s for the Rico 50/100. 9 riders showed up and all finished. 3 riders for the 50 and 6 for the 100. Great job everyone. With out a doubt one of the hardest 100 miler’s around. The weather was near perfect. Mud was aplenty in areas like Winter trail from the recent rains. Overall an awesome day for a ride.

    The results:

    100 mile course
    Dan Holmes 13:26
    Jeff Hemperley (single speed) 13:42
    Robin Guillaume (single speed) 14:52 (navigated Winter trail to Rico with no lights)
    Ian Altman 15:55
    Danny Powers 15:55
    Jim Crossland 15:55

    50 mile course
    Caleb Dean (single speed) 6:53
    Creigh Dean 7:06
    Rex Robichaux 8:15

  • jeffhemperley

    Dana, the course is easy enough to follow based on my description but the GPS track would be ideal. There are only two turns on the course. The turn off Barlow Creek Road via double track that connects to the CT at Hermosa Peak and the turn onto Grindstone off of the CT.

  • Darrell Finlayson

    Recommended gearing for single speed?
    Also: best camping close to Rico?

  • jeffhemperley

    Dana, that would be a tough one. A 21 at the max.

  • Brian Kennedy


  • jeffhemperley

    September 21st, 2014 at 9:29 am | Edit

    The 2014 Edition of the RICO 50/100 is in the books. Perfect, perfect, perfect weather!!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to play in the San Juan’s.

    100 Miler Results: (14000 feet elevation gain)
    1.Shawn Gregory 11:11 (new course record)
    2.Michael Grajeda 11:45
    3.Alex Hardt 17:02 (SS)

    50 Miler Results (7001 feel elevation gain)
    1.John Malloy 7:01
    2.Dana Ernst 7:15 (SS)
    3.Jeff Hemperley 7:45
    4.Paul Adams 7:59
    5.Pete Eschellier 8:00
    6.Billy Chapook 8:10
    7.Darrell Finlayson 8:12
    8.Estaban Roberts 8:13
    9.Zane Nelson 10:23
    10.Tony Cimaglio 10:36
    11.Carol Gerber 10:55

    Almost Finishers:
    Anne Hilleman (bailed down Hillside Drive)
    Nolan Hilleman (bailed down Hillside Drive)
    Kelly Ryan (Bailed down Hillside Drive)
    Rex Robichaux 32 miles

  • michael grajeda

    Hey folks. Just a few last minute details
    -The 6 AM roll out from Rico will be in the dark, so bring lights.
    -Please bring your drop bag and/or nutrition stuff so we can have it at the Bear Creek TH.
    -We will have a sign in sheet in the morning in Rico and at Bear Creek.
    -We have some kind folks to man the aid station until 3 or 4. Maybe longer if we have more volunteers. After that the SAG wagon will head back to Rico.
    -The course will not be marked so be prepared to navigate yourself throughout the high country.
    -Rain jacket, cell phone, Map, GPS etc are all good things to have on the trail with you.

  • jeffhemperley

    Any word on support at Bear Creek for the 100 milers?

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