Rico 50/100

Hosted by Chase Wesley – El Freako Who Hosts Rico!!  

A great route can only come from those that ride them. 

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Finale of the COES Triple Crown!

Epic mountain bike endurance in Rico, CO

No more than 74 people allowed for this event!

This is intended to be NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activities that are held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.

Please make sure to read all rules for this.  This is fully unsupported and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete this.  The rules are located HERE.

When: 6:00-AMSaturday, September 24th, 2016

What: Same route as the previous 3 years. It’s too good to change.

Maps Needed:  Latitude 40 Maps

Colorado Southwest

Another great map of the SW Colorado here created by Shawn Gregory: http://bigloopmaps.com/

GPS Route:   Garmin users can go here to Garmin Connect to upload:   http://connect.garmin.com/activity/201879477

Start:  6:00 AM, Rico CO – in front of the Rico Firehouse (across from the Rico Hotel)

Finish:   Whenever you arrive back in town – The Enterprise Bar & Grill downtown Rico.


Start in front of the firehouse in Rico riding North on HWY 145. Turn right on Hermosa Park Road/Barlow Creek Road 578  for approximately 7 miles.  Once on top stay right at the Y on FS 149 for approximately 1 mile where you will connect to the Colorado Trail. If you go left at the Y it will take you to Celebration Lake adding more miles.

Continue south on the Colorado Trail up and over Blackhawk and beyond. Take a right on the upper Grindstone Trail to Bear Creek Trail 607 down to HWY 145.

****This will complete the 50 mile version. Sign in/out at the sign-in sheet located at the sag wagon. Any rider choosing to complete the 50 mile route will be responsible for their own way back to Rico. It is 13 miles back up HWY 145.******

100 milers will take a left riding south on HWY 145 4.4 miles and take a right onto FS 545 Taylor Creek Road. Up Taylor approx 13 miles and take a right on FS 569. Travel a short distance (1/2 mile or so) and look for the single track (Priest) on your left. Take Priest Trail 1 mile and take a left onto Calico/Highline Stock Trail.

Continue on Calico Trail for approx 3 miles taking a left turn onto Fall Creek 640. Descend down Fall Creek crossing the dirt road continuing on 640 taking a right onto Winter Trail (if you miss the right turn on Winter you will end up in Dunton).

When you arrive at the end of Winter Trail take a left on FS 471 for a mile and turn right onto Dunton Road 535 and down to HWY 145 where you will make a right turn and finish with a nice downhill on pavement to Rico.

Finish is at the Enterprise Bar!!


Total mileage is approx 95 miles and with approximately 14k plus of climbing.

****There will be a support vehicle for resupply at the Bear Creek TH (Mile 47). Please bring donations for the resupply. I will supply water and Hammer Nutrition has stepped up as a sponsor for the resupply. There may also be other sponsors as well. You can also place drop bags into the support vehicle the morning of the ride to have for the halfway point at the Bear Creek TH.

****Osprey packs will be donating some packs as well that will be given away to our top finishers. Thanks Osprey!



Questions? Please use the forum page.

It will be a hard long day but you will experience some of the San Juan’s finest singletrack. Lights are recommended. Don’t get stuck out in the backcountry without the correct gear and know-how to survive on your own.



15 responses to “Rico 50/100

  • jeffhemperley

    A huge congrats to all that came out and attempted the Rico 100. By far one of the hardest routes out there. 95 miles and approximately 15k of climbing (final stats to be released). The rain in the last 40 miles made forward progress very slow up Taylor and across to the Winter Trail but 6 made it to the finish. I also would like to thank my wife Laura for setting up/breaking down the nuetral aid station at Bear Creek TH.

    Here are the results:
    1. Shawn Gregory (SS) 12:45
    2. Doug Byerly 13:10
    3. Jeff Hemperley (SS) 13:28
    4. Dan Holmes 15:25
    Jim Crossland 15:25
    5. Dave Horton 16:20

    Even though the below riders had a DNF most rode the first 50 miles out to Bear Creek which is a big ride itself.

    Paul Barry DNF
    Liz Carnington DNF
    Dwayne Otto DNF
    Walker Lowe DNF
    Mark Davis DNF
    Ana James DNF
    Billy Schaaphok (SS) DNF

    Greg Bachman DNS
    Michael Remke DNS
    Eric Cutlip DNS
    Chase Wesely DNS
    Wendy Lyall DNS
    Chris Ellefson DNS

  • jeffhemperley

    2013 Results.
    Another epic day in the San Juan’s for the Rico 50/100. 9 riders showed up and all finished. 3 riders for the 50 and 6 for the 100. Great job everyone. With out a doubt one of the hardest 100 miler’s around. The weather was near perfect. Mud was aplenty in areas like Winter trail from the recent rains. Overall an awesome day for a ride.

    The results:

    100 mile course
    Dan Holmes 13:26
    Jeff Hemperley (single speed) 13:42
    Robin Guillaume (single speed) 14:52 (navigated Winter trail to Rico with no lights)
    Ian Altman 15:55
    Danny Powers 15:55
    Jim Crossland 15:55

    50 mile course
    Caleb Dean (single speed) 6:53
    Creigh Dean 7:06
    Rex Robichaux 8:15

    Congrats to all riders. Thanks for coming Rico.

  • jeffhemperley

    Side note: Truly this is an extremely hard route that the mass majority of endurance riders will not attempt. We had just 9 riders show up……..out of these 9 riders 3 are CTR finishers and 4 are VT 125 finishers, Only the hard core show up for this one.

  • Brad Mattingly

    Hi Jeff,

    Great job to all the riders. I rode the 50 mile course 2 weeks ago with stellar weather. I enjoyed the ride except for the last 6 miles back down to the highway. Took a nasty spill. I was not able to make it to Colorado for the race.


    Brad from Flagstaff

  • Caleb Dean

    Great ride, Jeff! Thanks for all the work you and Laura put into it! Next year I’ll bring the lights so I don’t have an excuse to bail out at 50!

  • jeffhemperley

    The 2014 Edition of the RICO 50/100 is in the books. Perfect, perfect, perfect weather!!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to play in the San Juan’s.

    100 Miler Results: (14000 feet elevation gain)
    1.Shawn Gregory 11:11 (new course record)
    2.Michael Grajeda 11:45
    3.Alex Hardt 17:02 (SS)

    50 Miler Results (7001 feel elevation gain)
    1.John Malloy 7:01
    2.Dana Ernst 7:15 (SS)
    3.Jeff Hemperley 7:45
    4.Paul Adams 7:59
    5.Pete Eschellier 8:00
    6.Billy Chapook 8:10
    7.Darrell Finlayson 8:12
    8.Estaban Roberts 8:13
    9.Zane Nelson 10:23
    10.Tony Cimaglio 10:36
    11.Carol Gerber 10:55
    Anne Hilleman (bailed down Hillside Drive)
    Nolan Hilleman (bailed down Hillside Drive)
    Kelly Ryan (Bailed down Hillside Drive)
    Rex Robichaux 32 miles

  • Wesley

    2015 is done and was fun!!! Freezing morning temps with frozen water ponds up in the morning to a perfect blue bird day on the CT and the Rico Mountains. This race is not for the faint of heart and is by far one of the toughest races in the series!

    Results are as follows

    100 milers (crazy ass folks… don’t believe us, ask Jeff) All 100 milers finished after dark.


    Michael Grejda – 13:40
    Paul Berry – 14:00
    Dana Ernst – 14:20
    Dan Holmes – 14:23

    50 milers

    Terry Gorsuch – 6:36
    Chris Howe – 6:54
    Jeff “El Firco who came back to Rico” Hemperley – 7:29 (1st SS)
    Mark Carl – 8:30
    Peter Temper – 8:42
    Paul Adams – 8:57
    Ashley Carelock – 8:57 (1st women)
    Terry Sims – 9:46
    Sandra Heines – 9:48 (2nd women)
    Tina Godsiak – 9:48 (2nd women)
    Dylan Schwindt – 10:45

    Rex Roubichaux – Rico to Durango via hotel draw and possibly hermosa creek??

  • jeffhemperley

    I’ll be back in September. 100 miler!!!!

  • jeffhemperley

    Any word on support at Bear Creek for the 100 milers?

  • Ashley Carelock

    Snow on the ground in Rico today! I don’t think we could get over Blackhawk pass.

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