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  • Doug Byerly

    Whatcha thinkin for the course, T.Ray ? Would like to start planning for the level of pain and navigational cruxes….

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Doug and other riders!Dealing with a few Hic-Ups.Should be cleared here pretty soon.Course will be roughly 75-78miles and will be pretty easy to navigate.Sorry for the delay on this.To make this event return there needs to be some do’s and don’t.The feed back has been great so far.
    For those that might be staying the night let me know,i have a couple of hook ups for hotels.Its Labor Day and Snowmass has a 3 day music fest,so rooms and camp grounds fill up.I would stick around,good fun!

  • Todd Kennedy

    Can you give us a hint of what you are thinking for the course. Can’t think of many 78 mile loops in the RF Valley that would be described as easy to navigate. Thanks. Trying to decide if I should do this or rest up for the vapor trail the following weekend.

  • Chad Kittles

    When do you think you will have the course posted? Will you have GPX routes posted with this? I am excited for this adventure.


  • Chad Kittles

    I would like to line up a place to stay for this weekend, but I want to make sure this is still going to happen? You mentioned back in June that the course should be cleared pretty soon. I hope it is still going to happen, I love riding in the Aspen area.

    • SWES

      Hey Chad – I sent an email to T-Ray and will let you know what I find out. There are some growing pains with the route this first year, but I’m hoping we can pull this one off – the COES needs an Aspen route for sure! See you there!


  • Thomas Ray

    Hey All,
    Sorry for the delay AGAIN!!!! I just returned from a failed attempt on the CTR Race(blown shock).I will have Maps and a gps for the course.I will get this info up by Wed,and lodging info as well!

  • SWES

    From the man:

    Hey Matt,
    We`re a go! Just returned to Aspen from a failed attempt on the CTR(blown shock).Will get everything up to speed this week.
    Hope All Is Well!

    This is like Aspen was in the 70’s…just show up and expect a fun day!

  • Chad kittles

    Thomas and Matt,
    That is great! I am excited for this one. The Aspen area has some great trails.

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Folks! Here’s a listing for some hotels.All are is Downtown,and super close to the start finish!
    Tyroleon Lodge-(970)925-4595.Super affordable,and the owner Pierre is one bad ass Mountainer,also a Elk Mountain Grand Traverse winner.
    St Moritz Lodge-(970)925-3220.Aspen’s Hostel,super cheap,and they have a pool!
    LimeLight Lodge-(970)925-3025-Average to Pricey.A block from the start!
    Campgrounds close by are Difficult Campground towards Independence Pass,1st come 1st served,and Maroon Bells,1st come 1st served.Both within a couple miles from the start.
    Being Labor Day weekend,Aspen is pretty busy.We have a music festival in Snowmass,we will be riding right by it.Look into going,Mummford & Sons,Kid Rock,Michael Franti,Sugar Land to name a few.
    Course info.I had to go back out yesterday and put in a re-route,sorry but its a hike-a-bike,but its not that long,20min give or take.Course is 55miles,and were going to do some climbing,about 9k.The cool thing here is there are a lot of places to re-fill and get food,and there’s a kickass fruitstand along the way too!
    Tons and tons of singletrack.I was with a group of 5 yesterday two that never rode more than 15 miles.We all stuck together and after 9 hours,we made it.On the 1st ride times will be a few hours faster,but it was awesome to watch these folks get it done.Hint:Goverment absoulutley smoked’em!
    I need to fix a few things on the gps.Its up on Garmin Connect under Pain in the Aspen,90% of what we will be doing
    Rock-N-Roll,be safe post more soon.This 7 day work thing is killing me!

  • Thomas Ray

    Sorry couple more things:
    This is going to be a 6A.M. start,Marcos from Justice Snows Eatery will open for us to serve coffee and capuccino’s and pastry stuff.Justice Snows is right in the same building as the wheeler opera house.We will be starting here also and finishing here.There will be a 5:30 A.M. Meeting before the start to go over a few things.

  • Todd Kennedy

    Hey T.Ray,

    Anyway you can provide a verbal description of the course for those of us without a GPS or an account on Garmin Connect?


  • doug byerly

    Yep, I’d be psyched for a verbal description as well, t-ray, so I can juxtapose it with my personal riding experiences in the area. Hoping you have a bunch of the sweet snowmass stuff, govt trail, hunter creek…

  • Thomas Ray

    No problem.Will fire one up tonight after work.

  • Chad Kittles

    Thanks for getting this up on Garmin Connect. I am psyched for this one. When will the GPS be finalized? You said it is 90% up right now. Why did you back off of the 75-78 miles down to 55 miles? Thanks man, I am sure this will be fun.

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Chad! I had to change the Snowmass section due to construction on the mountain.Instead of going through the BS,i added the crossmountain trail to Govt Trail.I was checking it today again,and this will be the course.Its really a fun ride,and for 50 miles it has everything you want in a ride.Going to be good.

  • Shawn Hadley

    Yo t-ray! Seems like i can help a brotha(s) out…let us (forum freaks) know if i missed anything. (Disclaimer – not all trails are marked with trail signs and this area has a ton of trails that one can easily get turned around on.) But is literally some of the best single track in CO and this course is 95% single track! Great job t-ray!!!!

    (N/Left out of Justice Snow’s) Mill St
    (R) on Gibson Ave
    (L) on South Ave
    (L) on Park Cir
    Smuggler/Hunter Creek/4 Corners Area
    (L) on Smuggler Mountain Rd
    (R) on what i call the Picnic Loop but there is another official name for it???
    (L) on Smuggler Mountain Rd (through wooden gate)
    (R) on Tootsie Roll
    (R) on Lolllipop
    (R) on Hunter Creek Cut Off
    (R) on Iowa Shaft
    (R) on Hunter Creek and across wooden Bridge
    (L/Continue) on Hunter Creek
    (Continue) on Red Mountain Rd
    (R) on Van Horn Park/Overlook
    (L) on Hobbit
    (Continue) Through 4 Corners on Service Rd
    (L) on Secrete
    (L) on Super Secrete
    End of Smuggler/Hunter Creek/4 Corners Area
    (L) on Sunny Side
    (Continue) Across McClain Flats on Sunny Side
    (L) on Rio Grande
    (R) on Cemetary Ln
    (R) on Silver King Dr
    (L) on Homestake Dr
    (L) on Chatfield Rd
    (Continue) onto Government
    (R) on Tiehack Rd
    (L) on Oregon Trail
    (R) on Buttermilk Service Rd
    (L) on Owl Creek
    (Continue) on Ridge Trail/Sky Mountain Park (formely Droste)
    (R) on Low Line
    (Continue) on Brush Creek Rd
    (R) on Rim Bike Path
    (Continue) on Rim
    (R) on Brush Creek Rd
    (L) on Ditch Trail
    (L) on Connector
    (L) on Government
    (R) on Village Bound
    (R) on Sams Knob Work Rd
    (L) on Cross Mountain
    (L) on Elk Camp Work Road
    (R) on Government
    (Continue) on Tiehack Rd
    (R) on ARC bridge
    (L) on High School Trail
    (Continue) over Maroon Creek Bridge
    (L) on Marolt Bike Path to Aspen
    (Continue) over Castle Creek Bridge
    (L) on 8th
    (R) on Hopkins Ave
    (R) on Mill St
    Arrive for many bevi’s at Justice Snow’!!!

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Shawn! Thanks for the course details much appreciated!Glad to have you out there.Going to be fun! I have a couple folks who are going to help with the route on the 1st.The Moore property can be(By the Rec center) confusing,but the singletrack thru there is pretty easy to follow.When exiting the singletrack and onto the bike path,the signs pointing to Aspen are the easiest to follow.I wiil go over the course at Justice Snows on the 1st with any questions.For folks who don’t have gps,i will have little cue sheets made up.I will hand those out at the start.

  • tonespeed

    Nice! Like your style guys ;)

  • Bec Bale

    Hi. We are not familiar with the area at all – just wondering if we should carry a water filter, or if there will be shops on the route?

  • Thomas Ray

    Hi Bec! You will not need a water filter for this.There are many places to fill camelbacks and water bottles.When i gps the route i did it with a 75oz camelback and one water bottle.I refilled at the fruitstand a Buttermilk Mtn,and the Snowmass town center,they have bathrooms and water fountains.Also when you exit the Rim trail in Snowmass,the snowmass mall is a stones throw away to replenish food and liquids.I will go over the in and outs at Justice Snows.Hope all is well.See ya in a week.

  • mattschiff

    It seems like the route is set? Can someone post the .gpx?

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Matt! The route can be found on Garmin Connect under Pain In The Aspen.

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Matt! Its free to set up an account.If that dosen’t work send me an e-mail and i can send it to you.my e-mail raygin23@hotmail.com

  • Chad kittles

    Just wanted to confirm that the Pain in the Aspen under courses on Garmin Connect that is 52.64 miles and 9708 feet of climbing is the course we want. I thought that I saw a course with the same name a few weeks ago that was 54 miles and another under activities that was 51 miles. I am looking forward to next week. Thanks for organizing this!

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Chad! 54.20 miles is the one you want.It will vary due to some hic-ups that i will go over Sat morning,nothing major!Be safe,see ya later in the week!!

  • Chad Kittles

    It actually is 54.20 miles when it gets on the Garmin, but the profile on Garmin Connect said 52.64, weird. So, we are meeting at 5:30 and starting at 6:00 at Justice Snows? It still says 7:00 on the homepage. Is it going to be light at 6:00 in Aspen? The sun doesn’t really come out here on the front range until 6:30ish these days, but you guys are farther west so it may be different there. Thanks again.

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Chad!
    5:30 meeting 6ish start.The first climb at the start is a burner.By the time you reach the top the Sunrise will be pretty sweet,and you will be on some great single track.I ride this section just about everyday,and the light is fine.A little on the dark side but lights are not needed.
    The GPS track is showing 54.20,but the 52.64 is the corrected version.Same thing.I had to back track on some sections to make a better route.Its the same,weird i know.
    Have fun this week and see you end of the week.Lots going on in Aspen.I’m thinking of having a pre race hang out Friday.Let me know what you guys think.

  • Chad Kittles

    Sounds good and thanks for all the info. See you at 5:30. I probably won’t be able to make the Friday pre-race hang out because I won’t get into town until late.

  • Brian

    I cant find the course in Garmin Connect. can you just post the link?

  • Chad Kittles

    I got it on Sunday under courses in the Aspen area. Search under Pain in the Aspen. The key is you need to change the location from your currentl location to Aspen, CO for the search. I hope this helps.

    • mattschiff

      Chad, having trouble downloading it. Says my device doesn’t support courses. You mind emailing me the file (mattschi at gmail dot com) Then I can just post the file as a direct download

  • Chad Kittles

    I just noticed this. I e-mailed you a link from Garmin Connect. I hope it works for you. See you on Saturday.


    • mattschiff

      chad, didn’t get the email, but a link to the course won’t help me. When I click “send to device” it won’t work. I need just the gpx file. I manage everything through topofusion anyway because I had issues installing basecamp (computer wouldn’t update and install .net framework)

  • Andrew Carney

    I’m in the same boat Matt – I have the course but for the life of me can’t get it onto my GPS (which is a Garmin – makes sense right?). Anybody have a end around to get ahold of the gpx file?

  • Thomas Ray

    Hey Matt and Andrew!
    Sorry for the headaches your going through.This course is also on Google Earth and you can download from there also.I tried sending the GPX file but for some reason it won’t send it.I get funny internet service were im at.I will try and send it again,and again. Andrew i have garmin devices that your more than welcome to use.
    I have two friends in Aspen that downloaded off Garmin Connect,one had no problem and the other had some problems.Weird!

  • Pete Gotseff

    T Ray. This was some of the best single track I’ve ridden in the Central Rockies. Great linkup between both sides of the valley that I never would have realized. I hope everyone knows what a great course this is! For 2014 don’t chicken out due to a “chance of rain” there are plenty of places to bail. GPS is handy mostly for getting to and navigating the cross mountain trail and finding the golf course valley link. I got 53.88mi compared to 53.82 from Garmin Connect.
    Thanks for the drinks! -pg

  • Thomas Ray

    Thanks Pete!Great job out there.Send me your times.Sky mis-placed the clipboard,and I’m still getting times from folks from the short race.I will do a write up soon when i get everyones info.

  • Peter Gotseff

    I never kept track but the GF said 7:30 for Cuppet and 8:00 for myself … plus or minus 5 minutes.

  • James Osborne, CFP® (@BasonAsset)

    Just thought I would add: I managed a way to get the GPX file straight from Garmin Connect. Just use this link to download:

  • T.Ray

    Okay folks!10.5hrs until we roll out.We need to go over a few things before we start so please show up 6ish not 6:30,if you do you will miss this info.Looks like a little rain is forcasted for noonish,so bring rain gear.There are a lot of places to bail out to if it gets nutty.Also bring a couple bucks with you.Snowmass rec center is a great place to refuel on some goods,they have what you need.Snowmass Mall also has places to get bike stuff as well as food.Rock-N-Roll!See ya in the A.M.

  • Scott Cary

    T. Ray, I’m seeing the 25th and 26th on the calendar for 2015. I hope you all are running Saturday? Good linkup of trails. Surprised more people haven’t been coming up the RFV.

  • Thomas

    Hi Scott.The date is Saturday July 25th.

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