Durango Gravel Grinder 115/160

2016 Edition 

Please make sure to read all rules for this.  This is fully unsupported and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete this.  The rules are located HERE.

Join us on Facebook and a sometimes used email list to follow all updates and notices!

When:  April 23, 2016

Start:  7:00 AM at Velorution Cycles.

Do NOT park at the start location.  Please ride over to the Start.

Finish:   Whenever you make it back in town.  Finish at Velorution Cycles.


Post-Ride Party:  Carver Brewing located across the street from Velorution.  Carver will donate a free beer to all finishers and is holding space for us on their patio!


If you plan to drive to this ride, park cars near the Horse Gulch trailhead – you will pass through Horse Gulch Trailhead after ~70-miles for the 160, and ~50-miles for the 115, so use this area as halfway staging.  

Eco-Time adjustment for locals:  For those who will bike to the start – you may stop by your house between the loops with a 15-minute deduction on your finish time.  We would rather no one drive to this event.  :-) 

What: Early season riding on dirt roads, paved road – no singletrack.  Chose either the 160-miles, with 10,328-ft of elevation gain – or – 115-miles, with 8861-ft of elevation gain.  Cross bike, or  mountain bike – your choice.  Magnesium-Chloride makes for fast dirt surfaces…  the route purposely includes some very rough sections to keep the road bikes out of this.  Sorry, but while there are great mag-chloride routes that a road bike can handle quite well, this is part of a mountain bike series.  Specifically the rough areas are CR 117, CR 136, CR 237/Horse Gulch Road – and you will pass through here twice.

GPS Route:  Located at Map My Ride

DDG 115

DDG 160


More on 160 Route:


13 responses to “Durango Gravel Grinder 115/160

  • nmes

    Thanks TR. So far for the finishers I have 6 total, with 3 on Single Speed bikes (SS) :


    Steve Reiter, 11:02
    Matt Turgeon (SS), 11:05


    Troy Hachmann (SS), 8:55
    TR Larson (SS), 9:40
    Heath Hibbard, 9:45
    Jeni Turgeon, 9:50

  • autobuus

    Congrats to the finishers! My first ultra of 100 plus on ElMariachi 29er rigid 1×9. DNF. Showed up at DJs at 5 til 9, saw time change. 1st loop was dry. started up gulch at noon. 502 killed me with strong icy headwind. Arrived at diner in Bayfield wet and frozen at 2. Critical mistake leaving behind at Gulch 2nd pair of gloves, face protection, and shoe gaitors. Still had great time.. Hope DGG returns next year.

  • SWES

    Good to see another was out there, and congrats on your first ultra.

    I was at the 7am start and no one else was there or at the Gulch, so I went out and rode loop one in 4:15 time and then went out on loop two. I decided to ride it in reverse because I rode it last Sunday, but when I got near the gas plant things got horrible…35mph winds and near white out, so I rolled back into town. Rain / snow stopped when I got back to the gulch and I knew then I should not have bailed. Was on pace to be back a little after 5 pm. SS gearing lighter than last year and much better.

    I may ride this next weekend, but really I was disappointed no one showed up at the start. Durango gravel grinder may be dead unfortunately due to little interest. Glad to see one other person was out there….but why were you not at the start…or did we miss each other somehow?


  • autobuus

    Hey Matt, Thanks for sharing your ride. I did not know they changed start time. I parked at gulch and was at Durango Joes about 850 or so. Similar experience with no one around, so I took off..

  • SWES

    2013 Results

    Name Miles (115 or 160) Time
    Steve Rieter (SS) 160 10:41
    Joey Ernst (SS) 160 11:48
    Matt Turgeon (SS) 160 11:51
    Aaron Weinsheimer 13:34
    Ryan Good 160 DNF
    Chris Ellefson 160 DNF
    Tim Reinbold 160 DNF
    Alex Howard 160 DNF
    Graham Stahnky 160 DNF

    Terry Gorsuch 115 8:22
    Dale Bellante 115 8:27
    Troy Hachman 115 8:35
    Rex Robichaux 115 9:28
    Greg Ooley 115 11:57
    Michael Ackerman 11:57
    Andrew Stuntz 115 DNF
    Scott Andrews 115 DNF
    Madison Malone 115 DNF
    Steven Pamlenyi 115 DNF

    Did Not Start
    Craig Nelson
    Rosa Malloy-Post
    T. Otto Streiffert
    James Simmons
    Danny Powers

    SS = Single Speed

  • SWES

    2014 DGG Results! Congrats to everyone who came out for this, and a huge THANK YOU to Velorution Cycles for again hosting this.

    Start was at ~7:05AM. Finish time of day below

    160 Miler

    Joey Ernst (SS) – 7:35
    Alex Howard – 7:35
    Jordan Townsend – 7:35
    Sandhya Tillotson – 1st Loop, 2:10 (75 Miles)
    Billy Schaaphok – DNF

    115 Miler

    Danny Powers – 3:14 (fastest male)
    Kylie Krauss – 3:17 (fastest female)
    Daniel Murray – 3:38
    Mike Hurst – 3:39
    Martin Emmer – 4:03
    Ryan Good – 4:18
    Caleb Dean (SS) – 4:20
    Marc Mata – 5:23
    Erica Jeffs – 6:00
    Chris Cronicle – 6:00
    Gail Goehrig – 6:00
    Erik Krauss – 6:15
    Eric Walecki – DNF
    Steve Koller – DNF

    50 Miler (1st Loop of 115)

    Chris Goehrig – 1st Loop, 10:58 AM
    Cody Wilkins – 1st Loop, 11:50 AM
    Erica Fendley – 1st Loop, 11:50 AM
    Dennis Loy – 1st Loop, 10:58 AM
    Matt Turgeon (Runner) – 1st Loop, 4:27 PM

    There were some people on fat tired bikes out there and I think Joey was the only SSer. Not sure of the names of the fat bikers. Let us know please.

    Sorry if I misspelled anyone name or made a mistake on the times. Please leave a comment here and I will correct. I took a lot of photos but unfortunately lost most of them when transferring to the computer.

    See you next year!


  • SWES

    Fixed. Nice work Caleb!

  • Marc mata

    I wrote down my total time, not time of day. I finished at 5:23, thanks

  • Joey Ernst

    Hey Matt – glad to host, thanks for organizing! Alex, Jordan, and myself finished at about 7:35 PM, although I wish we were fast enough to crank out 160 in 8 hours!

  • SWES

    Thanks Joey… I really should pay more attention when i enter these! All fixed.

  • SWES

    Thanks to Joey Ernst and Sandhya Tillotson of Velorution for hosting the 2015 Durango Gravel Grinder. A late in the week snow storm left some moisture up on the west loop and people had to brave the muddy conditions. The east loop made up for all the troubles and we got somke great finish times on the 115 mile loop with no champions of the Big 160 for 2015. As always thanks for being a part of this and supporting this series. Good job everyone! Extra recognition for Sandhya who bagged her first ever route of 100+ miles!

    115 mile route (nobody ended up doing the 160 mile route this year)
    1. Sam & Katie Newbury (Tandem): 7 hrs 47 min
    2. Mike Dietzman: 7 hrs 48 min
    3. Tony Cady: 7 hrs 50 min
    4. Joey Ernst: 8 hrs 36 min
    5. Jordan Townsend: 11 hrs 24 min
    6. Tom Streiffert: 12 hrs 4 min
    7. Erika Jeffs: 12 hrs 5 min
    7. Sandhya Tillotson: 12 hrs 5 min

    Andre Michaud – DNF
    Daniel Murray – DNF
    Dennis Loy – DNF
    Chris Goerig – DNF
    Greg Parham – DNF

    Public Shaming for the Did-Not-Start (DNS) folks:
    Patrick Black – DNS
    Shane ?? – DNS
    Pat Mattson – DNS
    Rocky Gingg – DNS
    Michael Henderson – DNS
    Kristofer Plezewicz – DNS

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