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Use this page to post questions, answers and general comments  for the D100 event.  Go to the D100 page to register for the event.


11 responses to “D100 Forum

  • skdemars

    Any rough idea of what the breakdown is of Road vs Singletrack etc is? (i.e. 50% singletrack)

  • Shawn Gregory

    I’m planning on posting the gpx file for download and a map by this weekend (28th/29th).
    We are adding a 50 mile version as well if you know anyone who might be interested in that! I’ll also post that gpx as well. Thanks

  • shawngregorymountainbiker

    The links for the GPS files, maps and detailed route descriptions for the Dolores 100 & 50 are now posted. There is also a breakdown for miles of singletrack, pavement, 4wd road… for both along with other new details on support. Check it out!!! Weather forecast is looking great so far and the aspens look to be changing as well! Thanks

  • Kevin Sainio

    Anyway that a generic .gpx file could be posted for those of us that don’t own a Garmin unit? Or, how can you download a .gpx file off of your links?

    • Hank

      Ψυχραιμία η καμαρίλα της δεξηάς, η μιζέρια της, το κουμκαν της, η αφασία της, ο στόκος της, η αναλγησία της, η αλητεία της έφεραν το ΦΑΣΤΟΚ στην εξουσία. Μόνο που την ÏŽ·ŽÂ»ÃŽÂ€ÃÁÏÂÂνουμε πλέον όλοι…

    • http://www.netglobal.tv/

      Debt charities and debt administration corporations are stretched to breaking point by the numbers of folk looking for help. With offices all over the United Kingdom there is certain to be a Taxi near you. Most organisations will be in a position to put you on an importance list if your current position is quite serious ( bailiffs calling at your house or you are just about to lose your place ).

  • Aaron Boatman

    Looks awesome getting excited. Hping for some dry weather for a few days.

  • Shawn Gregory

    The gpx files are available by clicking on the email link on this page or the home page. It has been posted on the Google Group available there. Let me know if there are any issues with that. I also added that to the D100 page for the gps description as well. Thanks!

    • Clarinda

      Being over the top is what makes it funny. Is being serious & showing more true to life abuse better? I do#n182&7;t want to watch a video like that. Yes I am a Mom & I love my kid more than life but come on folks, it’s a satitical video about drugging your kids to shut them up. If the thought has never crossed your mind then please by all means send me your parenting guide.

  • Kyle Quinn

    Is the D100 course fully ridgid friendly?

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