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Use this page to post questions, answers and general comments  for the CB100 event.  Go to the CB100 page to register for the event.

Also information from past events on the MTBR Forums:

Crested Butte 100‎ – Mar 21, 2007
Pictures from the Crested Butte 100‎ – Jul 18, 2006
The 100 Dilemma, Crested Butte 100 or Breckenridge 100‎ – Jun 22, 2006

2011 Mountain Flyer Article by Chris Miller

2012 Mountain Flyer Article by Ezster Horyani

Past RESULTS below in comments

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  • nmes

    2010 Preliminary Solo Results:

    Heather McDowell 10:57:03
    Becky Sears 10:59:35
    Sydney Fuller 11:57:35
    Amy Biesel 12:09:14
    Hana Fiserova 12:36:11
    Susan Petronio 12:38:25
    Brittany Walker 12:53:25
    Sami Corn DNF
    Michele Z Preston DNF
    Tina Kempin DNF
    Stacy Gery DNF
    Maia Entropo DNF

    Name Finish Time
    Kelly Magelky 8:13:57
    Brian Smith 8:18:10
    Dan Loftus 8:40:50
    Travis Scheefer 8:54:09
    Troy Hiatt 8:54:09
    Ben Preston 9:02:46
    Nicholas Kempin 9:03:06
    Zeke Hersh 9:04:27
    Billy Laird 9:09:49
    Dax Massey 9:19:14
    Nick Starkey 9:20:00
    Dodson Harper 9:21:40
    Torrey Carrol 9:27:50
    Kirk Haskell 9:30:07
    Scott Morris 9:35:25
    Vinny Anderson 9:36:00
    Cameron Chambers 9:37:34
    Steve Reiter 9:46:02
    Matt Turgeon 10:04:35
    Scott Wallis 10:04:35
    Chip Weigand 10:05:00
    Bryan Dillon 10:06:00
    Ryan Douglas 10:14:10
    Keith Fisher 10:14:20
    Ben Johnson 10:16:20
    Mike Preston 10:20:20
    Drew Holbrook 10:33:41
    Jefe Branham 10:41:30
    Parker Macy 10:47:07
    Danny Powers 10:50:13
    Pete Curvin 10:55:00
    Ben Domingue 10:56:07
    Anuthee Huffsteter 10:56:07
    Cosmo Longsfeld 10:57:01
    Torrance Maurer 10:57:02
    Mark Robbins 11:27:55
    Mark Drucker 11:34:16
    Andy Tocke 11:49:24
    Justin Varaljay 11:49:24
    Greg Bachman 12:07:56
    Jason Sumner 12:09:05
    Jon Brown 12:09:14
    John Hutchinson 12:24:52
    Brad Tollefson 12:45:16
    Todd Schweitzer 12:52:37
    Mike Barnes 12:52:37
    Nate Stewart 12:52:37
    Gary Pierson 13:14:47
    Stew Gross 13:18:10
    Seth Tucker 13:18:10
    Aaron Huckstep DNF
    Mike Jennings DNF
    Alex Smith DNF
    Michael Day DNF
    Steve Juneau DNF
    Kelly Klett DNF
    Newman DNF
    Brian Blair DNF
    Wes Felteau DNF
    Jeff Irwin DNF
    Timmy Kugler DNF
    David Ochs DNF
    Johnny Biggers DNF
    John Starr DNF
    Doug Byerly DNF
    Jeff Carlile DNF
    Roman Kolodziej DNF
    Nick Watson DNF
    Warren Schick DNF
    Thomas McKeen DNF
    Zach Smith DNF
    Adam Buckwalter DNF
    Brian Meixensperger DNF

    Missy’s Mini
    Name Finish Time
    Jari Kirkland 3:38:00
    Missy Ochs 4:05:00
    Jefferson Lewis 5:34:00
    Christine Horning 5:46:00
    Becky Church 5:46:00

  • nmes

    2011 Preliminary Results

    Congrats to Brynn O’Connell and Brian Smith for riding first in the CB Classic.

    1 Brynn O’Connell – 10:20:44
    2 Hana Fiserova – 10:39:32
    3 Sydney Fuller – 11:18:00
    4 Tina Kempin – 11:20:04
    5 Sarah Stubbe – 11:20:04
    6 Kimberly Kerschke – 12:05:54
    7 Leila Behnampour – 13:18:40
    8 Kelsea Loveless – 14:13:00

    1 Brian Smith – 7:50:20
    2 Ethan Passant – 8:14:40
    3 Ben Preston – 8:35:46
    4 Dan Loftus – 8:55:36
    4 Aaron huckstep – 8:58:47
    6 John Todd Mallow – 9:02:21
    7 Mike Schilling – 9:12:55
    8 Billy Laird – 9:17:54
    9 Fred Hinkinson – 9:23:56
    10 Mike McAuley – 9:27:31
    11 Max Nuttelman – 9:41:48
    12 Tim Poppe – 9:53:58
    13 Thomas Ray – 9:59:43
    14 Danny Powers – 10:01:00
    15 Paul Von Boeck – 10:08:30
    16 Matt Turgeon – 10:09:10
    17 Butch Hegeman – 10:15:09
    18 Doug Byerly – 10:31:48
    19 Pat Addabbo – 10:49:03
    20 Pete Curvin – 10:50:30
    21 Jeff Hemperley – 10:54:14
    22 John Haftel – 10:55:47
    23 Mike Preston – 11:03:27
    24 Josh Harrod – 11:04:18
    25 Evan Ross – 11:08:41
    26 Brian Brothers – 11:09:58
    27 Eric Cutlip – 11:13:55
    28 Andy Jensen – 11:18:00
    29 John Jasper – 11:22:33
    30 Owen Tracy – 11:23:40
    31 Ira Conn – 11:33:14
    32 Eric Tunkey – 11:33:14
    32 Dominick Lauzier – 11:37:00
    34 Philip Schreiber – 11:39:02
    35 Timmy Kugler – 11:54:14
    36 Dan Holmes – 11:58:47
    37 Eric Ziola – 11:58:47
    38 Aaron Weinsheimer – 12:05:54
    39 Warren Schick – 12:13:23
    40 Sam Brede – 12:28:55
    41 Jim Crossland – 12:30:15
    42 David Nicholson – 12:40:50
    43 John Ledington – 13:16:20
    44 Jeff Spencer – 13:17:20
    45 Brian Behn – 13:24:01
    45 Michael Malecki – 13:39:40
    47 Seth Tucker – 13:44:20
    48 Mike Behrendt – 13:44:20
    49 Kevin Hoffman – 14:13:00
    49 Tyler Lucas – 15:10:56
    51 Anthony Parez – 15:10:56

    1 Chad Oleson, Tyler Hanson, Bo Stambaugh – 11:37:00

  • doug byerly

    Results please…just curious of the times this year. Seems like it was a fast field ! THANKS for a great day and a fantastic event.

  • Matt Turgeon

    2012 Preliminary Results

    Congrats to Brian Smith and Allison Powers for riding fastest the 9th Annual CB Classic! Shawn Gregory gets the fastest SS time, and special congrats to Ian Kelly (18 years old!) on his first 100-miler, ridden side-by-side with his father Sean Kelly. Kent Cowherd and Britta Seppi get the honors for the Mini Classic.

    Finally, please give a special THANK YOU to all the volunteers out there, Missy, Em, Jason, Jeff, Dan Loftus and the Brick Oven Crew, and shoot half the town of Crested Butte! Our host David Ochs and the Town of Crested Butte once again showed they are indeed the center of the mountain bike universe, and this time they even had half naked pagans to show for it. Heal up Ochs and lets make the 10th even more special.

    As for 2013….ummm, ‘I’m In”

    Name Finish Time

    1 Alison Powers 10:10
    2 Liz Sampey 10:14
    3 Starr Jamison 10:38
    4 Tina Kempin 10:49
    5 Melissa Trainer 10:54
    6 Kimberly Kerschke 11:30
    7 Hana Fiserova 11:30
    8 Chrissy Oliveri 13:09
    9 Becky Serratoni 13:42

    Name Finish Time

    1 Brian Smith 7:59:00
    2 Mike McAuley 8:29:00
    3 Jordan Williford 8:34:00
    4 David Ochs 8:45:00
    5 Neail Beltchenko 8:46:00
    6 Evan Ross 8:48:00
    7 Billy Laird 8:48:00
    8 John Todd Mallow 8:49:00
    9 Jafar Tabaian 8:55:00
    10 Ward Baker 9:03:00
    11 Ben Johnson 9:06:00
    12 Scott Krankala 9:17:00
    13 Shaun Gregory 9:20:00 First SS
    14 Doug Byerly 9:24:00
    15 Pat Addabbo 9:26:00
    16 Justin Varaljay 9:44:00
    17 Matt Turgeon 9:46:00
    18 Chris Miller 9:50:00
    19 Sean Kelly 9:54:00
    20 Ian Kelly 9:54:00
    21 Jon Haftel 9:59:00
    22 Andrew Carney 10:07:00
    23 Mike Behrendt 10:11:00
    24 Mark Robbins 10:18:00
    25 Leslie Handy 10:24:00
    26 Ondery Hejduk 10:25:00
    27 Richard Fiske 10:32:00
    28 Mayor Huck 10:34:00
    29 Jeff Hemperley 10:44:00
    30 Dan Holmes 10:48:00
    31 Dustin Czapla 10:48:00
    32 Josh Harrod 10:56:00
    33 Mike Preston 10:57:00
    34 Dan Hickstein 11:01:00
    35 Craig Nelson 11:32:00
    36 Bryan Mazaika 11:52:00
    37 Tom Needy 12:01:00
    38 Joe Herth 12:06:00
    39 Todd Schweitzer 12:11:00
    40 Adam Olmstead 12:21:00
    41 Rob Conklin 12:43:00

    Name Finish Time
    1 Chad Oleson, Tyler Hanson, Mark Voegeli 8:52:00

    Mini Classic
    Name Finish Time

    1 Kent Cowherd 4:07:00
    2 Jefferson Lewis 5:10:00
    3 Britta Seppi 6:22:00

  • davidochs

    Thank you Matt! And thanks to all who came out. Sorry results took a bit, but had to get out of town and away from it all for a quick bit. At that, I’m gimp, and it’s all volunteers who make this happen is right. If I have times or places wrong, let me know. If anyone came in later than we were there, let me know, we’ll get your time down. And at that, sorry if we were not – needed to tend to wounds! -Dave

  • Neil Beltchenko

    ha my name is too! its like best of both worlds if you don’t know how to spell Neil/Neal yous spell it Neail! no biggie its NEIL! thanks again fun group ride!

  • davidochs

    On Sat. Sept 28th, the CB Classic is taking a turn for the worse (really the better), a left turn, onto Carbon Creek Trail #436. The first lap/loop is completely changing to something new. No, not on Vinotok, yes you can park at the Chamber, (where we’ll meet at 6:30), yes laps finish at the Brick Oven, yes Avery is providing libations, yes could actually die on Carbon Creek, yes we’re riding the Wagon Trail twice, yes a Stubbe will be on course with cold beverages where you least expect them, no you can not be a douchebag….at any time. That’s in regards to not closing gates, passing, stop signs, feeds, going solo but drafting someone on a team, riding in town, traffic, private property, COWS, and riding in town. Let alone being good stewards and comrades to our friends at the FS. Bottom line, we’re a group of cloud forming, flower loving, mother earth loving freedom riders exploring the CB backcountry on a particular day, with peculiar people who like to punish themselves…for free…on public lands (mostly).

    All that being said, first loop is Lupine Trail, Lower Loop, Green Lake, Carbon Creek, Ohio Pass, Wagon Trail. Hardly as complicated as it sounds, and duplicating track with the finish down the Wagon Trail back to the Brick Oven and Crested Butte. 2nd Loop, 403/401 (not doing lower 401), 3rd loop – Dyke Trail/Wagon Trail. Wagon trail, on both occasions, is only the LOWER, or East side of the Wagon trail. ONLY the portion that parallels Kebler Pass. The fun part, the fast part. With the first loop, the Classic will take on another 1500′ of climbing, about a 1/2 hour to the first lap, and a whole bunch of more true CB riding. That first lap is CRAZY hard. Hard technical climbing on Green Lake and Carbon Creek, and hard descending on Carbon Creek. Lupine and Lower Loop are a hoot, beginner trails, but climbing Green Lake Trail, let alone the 12 times you need to get off on the climb up Carbon Creek, let alone the CLIMB DOWN Carbon Creek…you best have your panties out of the wad on ride day! Be prepared to walk, be prepare to be humbled, but also be prepared to be in a one SICK place, just outside of town, and the future connection area to the Gunnison to CB trail.

    Many more details to come, not hard to follow, aptly signed, but you will need to know how to navigate through town of CB itself from the Lower Loop to Green Lake Trail. Once on Green Lake, easy left onto Carbon Creek, and once you’re on it, you’re on it. If a good technical rider, you will gain time on those who are not on this new lap 1. Singlespeeders……be prepared to walk. No worries, you can walk as fast as it is steep, rocky, gnar, and bad ass!

    Also, if you want to finish, and are worried about the timing…..bring lights! If you can do an 8 hour CB Classic, then be prepared for an 8:30. If you can do a 10 hour CB Classic, then be prepared for 11 hours. If you do a 12 hour CB Classic, you best bring lights, extra food, a bivy, MRE’s, a homing beacon, your Mom, and a good mental outlook! If we’re not there at the finish and it’s after midnight, there will be a sign in (out) sheet above the right urinal in the men’s room at the Brick Oven. IF you’re a lady, then you get a half hour off your time for going in there and signing out!

    Most likely, Dan Loftus will still be there. Dan is co-owner of the Brick, proud host along with Brian Schneider, and it’s his 40th Birthday. If you finish after hours, come in for an Avery, give Dan a reach-around, sign the sheet, and give yourself a high five! – Dave

  • davidochs

    Fri AM, Sept 27th, things not looking good for the CB Classic this year. Snowed last sunday, and the snow is holding on any north aspects, and in the trees. What has melted has melted slowly, and even lower trails are holding water. 403/401 is out no matter what, and now its most likely snowing there again. Its raining below 10 K, and by the looks of it, the dyke trail is out too.

    Been thinking of alternatives, and the word is they were sloppy messes, again, thats before todays rain. The 10th CB classic may not be….

    Thing is, tomm is supposed to be nice, we have tons of beer from Avery and New Belgium, and its most certainly Dan’s birthday. We may be racing townies around, hot lapping, and sitting at the brick anyway.

  • davidochs

    Lupine Trail dries out quick, close to town. It seems some stuff is perhaps kicking with a ride down in Gunnison at Hartman’s too. Honestly, that could be the ONLY thing dry tomorrow. Sunday perhaps lower things like the Lupine Trail will be open. Hope to run into you at the Brick!

  • davidochs

    Plan is for original course – I need to update this page. However, snow may be changing, or not allowing us to use 403/401. Sorry don’t have complete updates yet, but coming.

  • davidochs

    Ok, my bad….leaving it til last minute, snow has been that bad this year. Well good for the ski portion of life… but damn, it’s time to ride bikes on high alpine track, and this still isn’t happening here in CB. So here’s the plan for 2014 CB Classic… next friggin weekend!

    First loop – Strand/Deer Creek. Original start loop.

    2nd loop – going big – it’s July and we have more time… sorry there’s more road in it… but the track is beyond epic – Reno, Flag, Bear, Deadman

    3rd loop – Dyke Trail, Wagon Trail on return to home.

    No 403/401 for loop 2. So sorry, but buried in snow still. 401 is riding out and back on the trail, but the road up, and the climb in the trees is still buried. 403….forget it… BURIED.

    So we’re taking on one of the best loops on the planet in it’s stead. It’s a bit longer, but hey, it’s July, and we have more daylight to work with. It does entail 14 miles of pavement. But as usual, that may not look good on paper, but you’ll be psyched about it when riding. You can eat, text, relax, and think about how to change the world. Let alone, the 7 miles of pavement on the way down to CB South is SO fast (tailwind – downhill), the way home is time to re-group after one of the best loops on the PLANET! And damn…you are riding into Paradise Divide! Not bad for riding road…

    Plan is to meet at the Brick Oven – 6:30 AM latest – to sign up, go over course. Leaving at 7 am sharp. Laps will be in the Post Office parking lot, next to Brick, as is the finish, right where we started. Brick is again hosting us, but it’s friggin July peeps… they will be busy as all hell. So we need to be setup next to the Brick in the Post Office lot, not be a nuisance to their business and the crowds, and also aware of the July mayhem in CO. The Brick Oven will be so good to us as usual, Avery Brewing providing the libations, and of course… you can order food and pizza like mad from the Brick as we go. But we can’t use the Brick for washing wounds, giving oneself a ‘French’ Shower in the bathroom, etc. Respect!!! We also need to be very aware of traffic, mobs of people, and being good to the very track and roads we are riding. Good ambassadors if you will, all the way around.

    I’ll work on GPS, tomm is the 4th, will be working all day, but will get on it. Sorry for those who have asked, just didn’t want to waste time not knowing the course. However, it stands to be better. It’s July again, like the Original Classics, 3 monster loops of divine track, and the fun and Sun at the Brick Oven. Don’t forget you can do team of 3, one for each lap, and you have more time to finish. It should be closer to 105 miles this way around. Reno, Flag, Bear is (pretty) well marked, but easily navigable with a map, and certainly with gps.

  • davidochs

    OK, one more change… and believe me – for the better!!! Teocalli Ridge trail is back open after 2 years of being closed to MTB’s, as the FS has been doing some stellar work on it. Loop 1 will now be Strand/Teo/Canal trail, then back to the Brick. If you can navigate to Deer Creek as previously loop1, then it’s just a right turn onto Teo, instead of a left to Deer Creek. After Teo – and WICKED big smiles – then you head down Brush Creek road for a 1/4 mile, and get on the Canal trail heading back to town. Canal takes you to where you ended Strand Hill, and once you hit the road, you go left back to town. So it’s Strand and the Canal trail to Brush Creek, turn right and head to Teo. After Teo, it’s Canal trail all the way back to Brush Creek, then left and back to town. It’s quite simple. Ill get it mapped and post it.

    Email me at redridgedesign@msn.com for gps files.

    Also to note! We will meet at 6:30 AM at the Brick Oven/Post Office Parking lot for a 7 AM start. Please come early to sign in, and get any questions answered.

    Avery Brewing is indeed taking care of us again this year, however, it’s July in CB, and we CAN NOT interfere with business at the Brick Oven. Dan and Brian are going out of their way to make sure each rider gets a beer for their efforts, however, it will not be the free for all of previous years, when business was slow enough to allow for salty and totally worked racers to be lounging around the Brick taking up space. Please do patronize the Brick as a paying customer, get a table, order pie, drink your beer and order more, but please no lounging around in spandex, laying down on the deck when there are TONS of paying customers around. Please also respect their facility, and their bathroom is not the place to take a ‘French Shower’ in between laps. RESPECT peeps, so we can keep doing this!!! This year is going to be FUN factor x10 with epic loops and big miles.

  • SWES

    2014 CB Classic Results. My apologies for the delay – David Ochs sent me the results and I procrastinated. Matt.

    Congrats to all the finishers!


    Tina Kempin 13:27:55
    Amanda Good DNF


    Kelly Magelky 8:51:04
    Zach Guy 9:12:12
    Rob Batey 9:12:15
    Billy Laird 9:38:34
    David Ochs 9:55:19
    Nick Schley 10:17:50
    Chris Parks 10:17:52
    JP Frymoyer 10:43:09
    Butch Hegeman 12:20:50
    Chris Hanna 12:20:50
    Mark Voegeli 12:20:50
    Seth Tucker 13:28:37
    Dave Stewart 13:56:20
    Brian Brothers 14:43:00
    Dominic Lauzier 14:43:10
    Brian Mazaika DNF
    Rafael Cletero DNF
    Jeff Juarez DNF
    Jeff Spencer DNF
    Mike Reams DNF
    Erik Krauss DNF
    Mike Loperfido DNF


    Sean Kelly, Chad Oleson, Scott Winn 10:16:13

    Mini Classic

    Kent Cowherd 4:07:00
    Jefferson Lewis 5:10:00
    Britta Seppi 6:22:00

    Place a reply here if there is an error and I will correct!

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