Crested Butte Classic (CB100)

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Crested Butte Classic as hosted by Dave Ochs!


No more than 74 people allowed for this event!  This is intended to be NON-COMMERCIAL, Recreational-Use Activities that are held on parts of USFS lands in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.  Please make sure to read all rules for this.  This is fully unsupported and you will need to be self-sufficient in order to complete this.  The rules are located HERE.

When: Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hang out at the Brick Oven Pizza for post party celebration!

What: Singletrack, high elevation, back country self supported endurance epic.

For 2015 the route will be 1 big loop, 99.94 miles and 18k of vertical.  Stay tuned.

Maps Needed:  Latitude 40 Maps or online at

Crested Butte Trails”, 1st Edition

GPS here – courtesy of Juicytrails –, and

Start:  Register by showing up – day of the event – 5:00am at the 4-way (Chamber lot) NOTE – there is no parking in the Chamber lot – there is an event there that evening.  Planning on a 5:30am SHARPT start.  Sunrise at 6:52, Sunset at 7:23 – may need headlamps.  You can park cars on the streets next to the start, Rainbow Park, streets in town, etc. Can drive up to start to drop gear for the 3 support vehicles on course. 

Finish:   Parking lot adjacent to Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pub (223 Elk Ave, Crested Butte, CO) , and remember to sign in after the loop!


For 2016 the route will be 1 big loop, 99.94 miles and 18k of vertical.  See below.

Route and map below. Should be 99.94 miles and 18,000’ feet of climbing – oh yeah!  So says Google Earth!

Register by showing up – day of the event.  Planning on a 5:30am start at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.  Sunrise at 6:52, Sunset at 7:23 – may need headlamps.  Be there at 5:00 am to put your name down, and note there is no parking at the Chamber lot – there is an event there that evening.
There will be the opportunity to drop bags in THREE different trucks that will be on course for you to bike by, and pick up feeds.  They are noted on the map below (after Deer Creek, Cement Creek, and beginning of Walrod road).


403, 401, Deer Ck, Teo, 400, 405, Hunter Ck, Cement Ck, Reno, Flag, Bear, Deadman, Cement Ck Rd, Walrod, 418, 409, Strand, then the Brick Oven!
Want a GPS – post it here, and thank you!  This is old school, learn to read, look at a map, learn to read that.  It’s that simple!!!!!
Email Dave at for the map and more details.

Course 2015

Past course information below – DO NOT DO THIS FOR 2016…but good course if you come to the area for fun,

Special Note:  We won’t be at the Brick Oven this year, but at the Post Office parking lot, that shares the Brick.  However the post party will be at the Brick Oven!! That way, we are a bit out of the Brick’s hair on a busy weekend, but still near the Brick for excellent beer and pizza.  Also you may park at the Chamber of Commerce as in years past.  Riders can park anywhere else in town that is legal, and we’ll have to meet at the PO Parking lot to start.

They Brick Oven is mighty grateful to always lend space and support for this race, but racers need to know it’s not their public shower or base camp area.  You can most certainly go in to buy slices, get drinks etc, but don’t count on them for water, bottle refills, bathroom, etc.  Please also be sure to tip your waiter/waitress and make this whole thing worth while for the crew working at the Brick.

Avery Brewing is indeed taking care of us again this year, however, it’s July in CB, and we CAN NOT interfere with business at the Brick Oven. Dan and Brian are going out of their way to make sure each rider gets a beer for their efforts, however, it will not be the free for all of previous years, when business was slow enough to allow for salty and totally worked racers to be lounging around the Brick taking up space. Please do patronize the Brick as a paying customer, get a table, order pie, drink your beer and order more, but please no lounging around in spandex, laying down on the deck when there are TONS of paying customers around. Please also respect their facility, and their bathroom is not the place to take a ‘French Shower’ in between laps. RESPECT peeps, so we can keep doing this!!! This year is going to be FUN factor x10 with epic loops and big miles.


Description of Route:  NEW COURSE IN 2015 

Email me at for gps files.

Also to note! We will meet at 6:30 AM at the Brick Oven/Post Office Parking lot for a 7 AM start. Please come early to sign in, and get any questions answered.

3 Separate Loops from Crested Butte with the ability to self-support yourself via support bags at the 4-Way or from your parked car, house, or even your entourage.

Loop 1 –  Teocalli Ridge trail is back open after 2 years of being closed to MTB’s, as the FS has been doing some stellar work on it. Loop 1 will now be Strand/Teocalli/Canal trail, then back to the Brick. If you can navigate to Deer Creek as previously loop1, then it’s just a right turn onto Teo, instead of a left to Deer Creek. After Teo – and WICKED big smiles – then you head down Brush Creek road for a 1/4 mile, and get on the Canal trail heading back to town. Canal takes you to where you ended Strand Hill, and once you hit the road, you go left back to town. So it’s Strand and the Canal trail to Brush Creek, turn right and head to Teo. After Teo, it’s Canal trail all the way back to Brush Creek, then left and back to town. It’s quite simple. Ill get it mapped and post it.

Loop 2 – going big – it’s July and we have more time… sorry there’s more road in it… but the track is beyond epic – Reno, Flag, Bear, Deadman!

Loop 3 – Dyke Trail.  Head up Old Kebler to Kebler pass all the way to the ‘Y’, then head right at the ‘Y’ and go up towards the Irwin town site.  South of the lake, and then over to the Dyke trail.  After the Dyke, head up Kebler Pass road again towards the top of the pass and take the Wagon trail (LOWER) or East side of the Wagon trail. ONLY the portion that parallels Kebler Pass Road.

Congrats you have just finished the CB Classic!

As usual, the good folks at Avery Brewing will be supplying the libations for the event.  Always remember to hug your local Avery rep, and do make sure to tip the Brick Oven staff who take care of you.  Feel free to email Dave at for any questions.


2015 Results


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