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  • ericschweikardt

    Anybody have a photo of last year’s whiteboard? Wondering how many people finished. Something like 6 out of 30?

    • chuckyb3

      Hey Eric, we had 4 out of 15 complete the whole deal last year, a couple others DNF’d only because they couldn’t find the final section through Gordon Gulch (ribbon markers got pulled apparently). The rest of us either got lost at Miller Rock/Raymond (1/2 way) or simply cracked. Remedy: GPS important for some; good map and familiarity for others. The net net is that Chad whipped out a near 9hr time and the finishers who know the area better were able to do a 10.5 to 11.5 hr time. It turned out to be a pretty tough route overall.

  • Chad Kittles

    You are going to post GPX coordinates now as it says on the home page? I would love that so I don’t get lost like last year! See you soon. Sorry I posted this on the home page also.


    • chuckyb3

      Hey Chad, Yep we’ll post gpx and also a pdf with route description probably a week before the event. The tracks need a bit more cleaning to be reliable on gps. Glad you will join!

  • Chad Kittles

    Sweet, I wouldn’t miss it. I had a great time last year even when I was lost. Sounds like another good time.


  • Chad Kittles

    It sounds like we will need to purchase some lift tickets for this adventure. Do you know how much they cost?

  • chuckyb3

    Ok folks we changed a couple things here:
    1.On the way over we should simply take a short cut out of Jenny Creek to Rollins Pass Rd rather than hike around on a jeep trail, which should be a whole lot nicer to get us up and across.
    2.No lift ride on the WP Ski area :( turns out it doesn’t work very well. A PBR is in order still but may just be with a burger rather than dangling legs.

    Google Map is accurate; GPX is posted; printable Nav Page is on its way.

  • Chad Kittles

    Nice! Thanks for posting the GPX files. I will see you soon my man.


  • S. Kricka


    Is there another option for going over the Riflesight Notch trestle on the return trip? Your route map has the course passing over this closed trestle. Can we just stay on rolling pass road or hike around?


  • Tim Jones

    I rode over the trestle the other day. you should not have any problems. Its only closed to cars as far as I know.


  • chuckyb3

    Maps, route description, and downloadable files are all posted; linked on the front page. Pat, Jonathan, and I have been tweeking routes and pushpins so allllmost everything should be fairly accurate. Of course on ride day I’m sure we’ll find a few junctions that will require a bit of interpretation, so rely on the pushpins. Familiarize on the google maps page… you can even use Google Earth from there which is pretty darn slick (plugin required). Printable navigation pages can be found at the links also.

  • chuckyb3

    Lights? Having a backup is always nice but I think this is a sub 10hr ride with 12hr max so we should be fine. (I’ll have one for sure.)

  • repost

    Ken Cronin Submitted on 2012/08/13 at 8:12 am
    Hey Chuck, gonna TRY to ride the course and get more info before i fully commit, females tell me i have commitment issues? anyone interested in scoping it out this week sometime? maybe there’s some minor trail maint. to be done too? thanks.

    Tim Jones Submitted on 2012/08/13 at 4:49 pm
    Hey Ken I have ridden everything but the piece at WP. its pretty clear except around the jenny creek crossing. tons o rocks on the snowshoe trail.

    Ken Cronin Submitted on 2012/08/14 at 8:38 pm
    hi tim, thanks for the reply. Might do some homework tomorrow, any chance i could email u with Q’s if need be? thanks. ps any of it paved? much of it NFS type roads? I’m at eatbikenap

    Tim Jones Submitted on 2012/08/15
    yep no problem paved roads at the beginning up to eldora and some at winter park bike path. I would say a decent amount of the climb on both sides of the pass are NFS type roads with the rollins pass and corona pass being railroad grade for the most part like 4-6% maybe but the start of the climbs both ways are steeper.

  • S. Kricka


    For the needle eye tunnel do you want us to take the trail up and over about 100 yards before the tunnel, or go to the tunnel and hike around on the east side?


  • Kip Biese

    I’m pretty sure I can come up for this one. Anyone have a good camping suggestion near Nederland? I don’t have GPS so I’m hoping to simply play follow the leader with someone who knows the route. – Kip

  • Aaron Kimble

    Chuck, You are the best host! Thanks for all the maps, navs, scouting, and hard work.
    So amped!

  • chuckyb3

    Hello all. A couple of questions going around about route specifics and facilities on the other side. We’ll cover all questions at the pre-race and we’ll have the folks who have actually ridden most of this describe some of the important junctions so you can mark up your nav printout. I suspect getting over to WP will take about 3+hrs; the WP loop will take about 4hrs; and getting back to Ned will take about 3hrs so plan your stop(s) accordingly.

    Happy Trails will open at 6:00 for us with a complimentary pot of coffee and any last minute supplies of fuels, but getting up that early is a big challenge for them so please spend a little something even if only in the tip jar.

    Weather? Looks like a high of 70 but check the night before.

    See ya soon!

  • Brian B

    I second Kip’s comment. Camping? Cheap pre-overnight acommadations? Garage floor to sleep on? Anyone want to play dogsitter? Kennel costs are killing me.
    barring being jailed for sleeping in my truck I should make it to Happy Trails.
    Hope that 4 hours in Winter Park includes lunch stop.

    • chuckyb3

      No KOA in town but south a couple of miles on the highway out of town is a dirt road, Magnolia / 132 (west Mag trails and forest access is closed for tree mitigation). Try going east on Mag a mile and on the north side is a little parking area that should work (intersection of trails coming up out of town). Wish I had a better option but I live down in the flat lands these days.

  • Chris Ellefson

    Chris Ellefson: DNF; done at Winter Park. Awesome course, awesome company. Can’t wait for next year!

  • tim jones

    tim jones dnf bottom bracket toast at end of winter park

  • chuckyb3

    repost: mattschiff
    Submitted on 2012/08/19 at 2:38 pm | In reply to chuckyb3.
    Confirmation GPS – https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4ZJFsm3u3HEVVUxMlc1TXFCdzQ
    Bummed I barely rode with anyone on this route. The start was nervous energy, XC style when we hit the rocky Eldora section with people running around others off their bike. Chad must have gotten a big lead. Another guy just 1 min ahead of me on the descent. On the descent I spot a car full of people, they said the other two went right. I look at the GPS and go left, no way right is correct. Don’t know if they retraced their steps or what. I don’t stop in Winter Park, in fact, subtracting the waiting time before the ride and trying to figure out where to sign in at the end, stopped for about 9.5 mins total. I ride the winterpark loop but found the GPS track to be loose. What looks like Chads tire track doesn’t goes straight when the track says hike up the side of the bank and onto that overpass going to the left. Ride up the steep road, hike, follow the GPS track as it takes me up the side of the hill. Looks like I’m going the wrong way down mountain goat but then suddenly I’m on the track again with no intersecting trails. Never had that problem with my GPS. It’s never more than 20 feet off. Was the whole track ridden and GPS’d? After that decided if I’m less than 300 feet away it’s good enough because the discrepancies continue. Almost finish the WP loop and I bump into a guy hiking up to me, says I’m going the wrong way, but he missed a turn. I try to convince him I’m going the right way but he’s doubtful. (If you’re lost, don’t drag others down with you) Start the third section, thought that was where the WP refuel was but do the math and I’ve got the calories. 250 calories per hour each and every time I punish myself for an all dayer. Climb, wish it wasn’t so steep. Tip toe across the broken bridge. Meet up with some riders that skipped section 2. Ride down through all the rocky crap. Think how this really isn’t ideal for the less than expert riders. Finish and search for the sign in at the end of the GPS track (check the bar, then back to the coffee shop). Slept through 50 mins of continuous alarm in the morning, got ready while the morning talk took place, didn’t listen to anything, forgot my cue sheet, relied on GPS alone. Not my cup of tea, but I’ve got wrist problems and was hoping the dually would be smooth. It wasn’t.

  • chuckyb3

    Everyone accounted for. Thank you!
    HA12 Bragging rights posted!


    I’ll post up past routes eventually and we’ll look to change up a few things in how we map out a new route every year to make navigation a bit easier.


  • hickstein

    Awesome ride! Thanks for organizing!
    It was great riding with all of you guys, especially Dave who caught up with me while I was bonking hard on the Pipeline Trail. I look forward to next year’s race!
    I think that I only made a few tiny course deviations, so 83 miles, 10,600′ climbing should be a pretty accurate number for this course. I think the extra miles come from some switchbacks that were missed and some corners that were only represented by one point. When I draw gpx courses from satellite photos, the same thing happens – you can expect the true distance to be 5 to 15% longer. Confusingly, the elevation gain from map-drawn tracks is often too large by a similar margin (as we see here). I think this happens because the GPS devices employ a lot of smoothing of the altitude curve and cheat you out of some of some elevation gain.
    I have a fairly large library of gpx tracks for the Front Range and would love to do some recon for next year’s ride. Give me a holler when you’re sketching the next route.
    Thanks again for getting us out there riding bikes on a beautiful day!



  • Pat

    Great riding with you guys! Dan, you amazed me with the speed you launched down the Goat with that super stiff bike! Had a blast with Tiller as usual, glad I could provide some uplifting spirit when needed. Let’s get a group together for the epic Herman Gulch ride, maybe part of next year’s course? thanks for putting it on again Chuck! Pat

  • Pat

    Jonathan, you were sorely missed…just not the same without your all day antics and passing us all at the eleventh hour in a energy bunny frenzy.

  • Simon Kricka

    Great ride Chuck! Look forward to next years adventure.

    I had 55 miles and 7,580 ft of climbing on my Garmin for the Halfass course that didn’t include the winter park loop, S1 + S3.

    Memorable moments include losing my rain gear on the west side of the divide, having Matt pass me coming back on Rollins Pass a few miles before Riflesight Notch, amazing riding up high on the divide, riding with Aaron, and the start that seemed a little fast.


  • Race Report: 2012 Ned Halfass 100 « Bike Notes

    [...] I decided that it really was headed in the wrong direction and then turned around.  According to Matt’s race report, it was during this backtrack that he rolled through, and went on to win the race by Two Hours. [...]

  • chuckyb3

    repost: Brian Brothers
    Submitted on 2013/06/30 at 9:02 pm
    Same loop as last year of is the 2013 Halfass still a work in progress?

  • Chad Kittles

    Chuck, I posted a comment on the home page by accident. What do have in store for us this year and will it be GPX’ed? I am excited for the ride, and it will be good to see/ride with you guys again. I will try not to get lost this year, but can’t promise anything. See you soon.


  • chuckyb3

    Chad you’ll be happy to know that you get another chance at Gordon Gulch! We were going into hiatus this year just cause there’s no bandwidth to go out an map GPS trails and piece em together, but Dan and Aaron jumped in and said hell yes we will. I’ve changed up the front page with some description and there is a link to the 2011 map (let me know if it doesn’t work). That one is pretty close but I think we should include Sherwood Creek this year in the case it does get closed to bikes which is a current movement. With that being the case we give up the whole 505 but I think that allows us to all stay together without that whole climb.. plus gets us through the little Wilderness boundary section above Brainard earlier in the day which would be good. Soo, we should have a solid GPS track this year (posted this week) which will get you through the Gordon Gulch sections. Last time I wrapped a branch with ribbon at each junction the week before, but someone removed it (presumably to keep those 6in deep moto trails from being found ;-) ..what a putz.

  • Chad Kittles

    That is awesome news. I loved that course two years ago, and I would love redemption to find the Gordon Series. Thanks man!


  • chuckyb3

    start – Happy Trails coffee shop Nederland CO
    finish – Back Country Pizza Nederland CO
    72mi / 11k’

    section1 [Nederland to Sourdough]
    Nederland to ElDora Town (highway 130);
    FS 505 to Secret (stay together to this);
    Caribou Rd to Sherwood Trl (which is north at five points, also stay together for this);
    north on Hwy 119 to Rainbow Lakes Rd / Sourdough (heading up just past Sugarloaf Rd take left on old hwy dirt road, stay on until back on pavement then to Rainbow Lakes Rd, lft)

    section2 [Research Station to Brainard Lake to Raymond]
    DON’T take Sourdough Trl stay on dirt road to fork, left to Research Station;
    head up Research Rd through gate on right of structure;
    at second gate and power line head right to Sourdough Trl (maybe 100yds);
    north on Sourdough to Little Raven (hike a bike up);
    cross dirt road take Little Raven all the way to Brainard Lake (water at camp ground);
    north to other side of lake and find South St Vrain Trl;
    take South St Vrain Trl down all the way to Hwy 119 (three or four junctions along the way but stay left of creek);
    north on highway until Overland Rd (dirt) east until creek;
    left to Ceran St Vrain Trl;
    Ceran St Vrain Trl to Raymond (a couple of junctions but do not turn off main, when you hit pavement take a left)

    section3 [Raymond to Rainbow Lakes Rd]
    Raymond is the halfway point or so, there is a small store for refueling;
    head south on pavement along the creek / left at highway for a couple of miles to Peaceful Valley;
    cross highway west to Camp Dick;
    take Camp Dick Rd all the way til you hit dirt / Sourdough Trl is to your left;
    take Sourdough all the way to Rainbow Lakes Rd (passing near Beaver Lake, crossing two dirt roads then hitting two junctions you already saw, then crossing paved Brainard Lake Rd (water), then past the bottom of Little Raven, and eventually to Rainbow Lakes Rd again);
    you’ll have passed the bottom and the top of Wapiti a few miles after Beaver Res -THIS IS THE BONUS LOOP- to add on if you’re feeling good)

    section4 [Sourdough thru Gordon Gulch and home]
    catch the highway south to Switzerland Trail Rd (where you caught pavement to Rainbow Lakes on the way out);
    left on dirt road for a few miles (you’ll definitely need GPS for this section but if ever lost head south until you find the dirt road home);
    at the trail turn south at the ‘no bikes sign';
    from here it’s right left right left at each trail junction;
    now the super fun single track all the way out with only one technical section to get through;
    you’ll come out on what is named Primos Rd, follow that out to the bottom;
    Sugarloaf Rd here where it changes from pavement to dirt;
    take a right and several miles including some climbing until once again back on the highway;
    left and beer is only a few more miles.

  • Chad Kittles

    That sounds like fun! What are you referring to as the bonus loop? Is it on the GPX file and included in that 72 mile 11K? If so, consider it done. Thanks again for organizing this, and thanks to Dan and Aaron for their contributions. See you soon guys. I am excited.

    • gnav1

      Bonus = Wapiti loop off Sourdough on the way back

    • Aaron Kimble

      Hey Chad, Yes, the GPS does include the Wapiti Loop and thus is factored in to get the calculation of 72 mi and 11k ft. To further explain, as we ride Sourdough on the way back (South), we will ride it all the way to the second Wapiti trail intersection, ride Wapiti Northbound, connect back to Sourdough and then repeat the Southbound section again.
      See you there.

  • Chad Kittles

    Nice! That sounds fun. See you guys soon. Why is gnav1 awake at 5:33 a.m.? That is early!

  • gnav1

    Wx is looking great for tomorrow, high of 80 and not showing chance of rain.. (can we forgo a rain jacket??). Happy Trails will be open pulling expresso at 6 or 6:15 (it’s early for mountain folks so please support). Bring your map and we can mark up key junctions. Still expecting to launch early but let’s plan on a group talk at 6:30 then ready to roll.

  • Chad Kittles

    Chuck, Aaron, and Dan,
    Thanks for getting this event organized and routed together. That was a burly course! I had fun out there! I hope everyone made it back safely! Chuck, you will be glad to know that I found Gordon Gulch without a problem. By the way, I took the sign up/out sheet over to Backcountry Pizza as asked. I hope everyone found it O.K.


  • Dan Hickstein

    Awesome! Glad that the course was fun! Not crazy miles, but the rocks on Sourdough make for some tough riding. I’m looking forward to next year!

  • Chad Kittles

    What was the final tally? Did everyone finish? How did your ride go?

  • chuckyb3

    three finishers; the sign up board is linked on the main page, or should be.
    I came off Sourdough shy of 10hrs with a blown fork and contaminated brake… enough excuse for me to roll back to town and skip Gordon (rode with Adam and Aaron most of the day as I know its so much nicer to be with someone who knows where they’re going) and it was such a trip to be there so early in the day! had a big breakthrough though – no bonking between 5-7 hrs. maybe I’ll get some real training on over the next year and hit some big ride as I really want to do the Grand Loop and revisit CTR some day soon (a new platform would be key though).

    and big thanks for continuing to show up and set the bar Kittles

    • Chad Kittles

      Bummer about your fork and brake. Nice about the breakthrough! The course was challenging and super fun. I love riding those trails. I don’t see the link on the Halfass home page. Only three finishers, wow. Who were the other two finishers besides myself? See you again next year if not sooner.


  • alembroalen

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