Nederland HalfAss/Cougar Slayer

Hosted by Chuck Ray!

When:  Sunday, August 31, 2014  

Where:  6:30 at Boulder Transit Center to catch the 6:50 N to Ned;  finish back in Boulder.

Its time for another big ride in the saga of big Ned rides… but this time, we’re joining the Cougar Slayer! for a Boulder based start/finish.

After 5 years of crossing the divide and staying high in the hills, we thought it would be a good time to start down low, bake in more downhill, and finish up at an open eatery for once.  That, and bussing up to Ned for a big ride ending back in Boulder is the choice ride style in these parts.

So, we join Cougar Slayer!!!  You’ll have to figure that one out on your own, but this crowd is tits and none to shy of a big ride.  With great support along the route and a party to boot you’ll want to stay around for the evening… but that playbill is under production.

Check out and we’ll see you on the 31st  (if not before; it’s a Strava route!)

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