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For a full discussion about the AntiEpic Gravel Grinder, go to the AntiEpic 160 thread on the Riding Gravel Forum thread.

Otherwise, feel free to comment below.


11 responses to “AntiEpic GG Forum

  • Shane DeMars

    Hey Ben – where’s the after party?

  • Ben Welnak

    don’t know yet. to be determined…

  • Jeff VanDerLinden

    The Elbert mini-mart opens at 05:30 on Saturdays so it can be relied on to be open.
    In regards to the 75 mile return with no services, I can arrange for a water station at a friend’s house at mile 121.

    • Jeff VanDerLinden

      Since there’s been no response regarding a water station at mile 124 and after reading the rules on the site, I will not set out any water. Unless someone replies today.
      Did a few miles of the course yesterday, should be all clear of snow and mostly dry. The 3 miles of doubletrack on rd 98 are clear of snow but VERY muddy.

  • Mike Noonan

    Hi AntiEpicers,
    I live in Capitol Hill and was wondering if anyone would like to carpool down to the race. My car is pretty beat, so I can help out with gas money.

  • skdemars

    For anyone using a Garmin Edge 800 here’s the Garmin connect version of the course –
    Bike Route Toaster works fantastic for my Edge 500, but doesn’t play well with the 800 for some reason.

  • Aaron Weinsheimer

    Is the course the same as last year?

  • Bill Schmeister

    Since this is my first Anti-Epic Gravel Grinder, I have a couple of questions:
    * Other than spending tons of time in the saddle, any additional training?
    * What do you bring with you? (how much water, food, water filter, etc.)

    • mountainbikeradio

      Training: While there is a lot of climbing overall, none of it is typical Colorado climbing. Don’t expect to do climbing in the mountains and show up ready. There are a lot of short steep little ones. I would say that, in addition, to spending a lot of time, you should be ready to face a headwind 5-7hours into a ride. If you can ride steady and be ready to do that, then you’d be fine.
      There is one place to refuel – at halfway in Deer Trail. I’m not sure what level you are, but a good bet is to be ready for 10-14 hours. So 5-7 hours worth of food going to and coming from Deer Trail.

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